A Gift to Ourselves

two-hands-holding-a-glowing-heartIf nothing makes sense
and your world seems upside down
teetering on the brink
of emotional upset
Be Kind

If angry feelings harbor
in your leaden heart
tie them to an anchor
let it drop
Be Free

If the force inside your being
is pushing you to the edge
gather strength to offer your hand
take one step back
Be There

A simple act
made effortlessly

will have a loving impact
Two souls will no longer
feel somber
Two hearts will no longer
be heavy

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Google Images

I’m not sure if this would be considered poetry,
but it’s something to think about 
when our emotions are unbalanced.
Wishing you all a bright Monday. xo

20 thoughts on “A Gift to Ourselves

  1. We have more choice over our emotions than we often believe. Can be hard though, but choosing the right ones makes life a lot easier. And it helps if everyone else around you has the same mindset too! 🙂

  2. Lauren this is a beautiful verse.. And very poetic in my view.. We should all gift ourselves some love.. Which is what I have been doing.. Life gets too hectic and we get frayed at the edges sometimes Lauren.. Thats partly why I took time out.. to nurture ME.. 🙂 Bless you Lauren for all the GIFTS of LOVE you bring us.. Many thanks dear one.. Hugs Sue…. xxx

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