It’s finally time to SHOUT
“Enough is Enough”
To dust off shields of armor
and flip the switch to “tough”

With every step in each new day
it’s too easy to fret and worry
Wasting a God given moment
instead of cheering in His glory

Toss those words and thoughts
that surely weigh us down
A lighter load will bring us smiles
and erase those dreadful frowns

So, arm in arm, let’s move forward
for strength in perseverance
Do not relent to downward slips
Ignore the interference!

© LScott 2012

Photo: Google images
Original post on 7/18/12
I hope this brings you strength
in whatever you’re going through in life.

27 thoughts on “FINDING INNER STRENGTH (re-post)

  1. Julie Catherine

    Lauren, we usually have no idea just how much inner strength we have until we have to use it … and it’s there to find. Sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper, have a bit more determination, and a lot more faith. Lovely and timely post, my friend! I wish a wonderful day for you and yours, and send healing thoughts, love and prayers! ~ Love and hugs, Julie xoxox

  2. Dear Lauren,

    Lovely words worth the repost.

    As I read your poem, these words sprang spontaneously:

    I burden you no more than what you can bare. It is for you to find the strength I gave. As you carry the burden, remember this My Child, I carry you.

    Peace, Eric

    1. Aww..Eric, you never cease to amaze me with your beautiful writing and from my perspective, your words sound like something God would say…we just have to dig a little deeper sometimes to find that inner strength, but it is there. Thank you, my friend…hugs to you!

  3. A *very* timely reminder to me, dear Lauren! As Richard and I are contemplating the next several years of preparation for his retirement, I want to find much better ways to contribute to the household coffers, not just operations–and that’s very intimidating to me, as one who’s never had a great-paying job or had terribly marketable skills. So I am going to take your verse as inspiration–no, as ‘armor’–and get out there with a braver spirit and see what I can do. Thank you! xoxo

    1. I’m honored, Kathryn, that my words inspire you, truly I am! And your next chapter in life sounds exciting, but I can understand your feelings, as well! I wish you all the best and you can do anything you put your mind to! Just knowing you through WP, I know those words are true! Sending much love and many hugs!

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