I feel like a machine
(not a mom, a wife, or a human being)
one that’s shiny and not too old
I could be silver; I could be gold
One that stands 5’7” in height
and would be useful day or night
This is just what I am
A bright, polished ATM

LScott © 2013


Hugs a Plenty

Someone needs a hug

if you look real close

wearing a smile upside down

in need of a big love dose

Revealing a long wide frown

it just might be you

to brighten their day

and bring their spirits around

They might be too shy

to ask you face to face

so it’s up to you

to offer with grace

Share some warmth

the cost is nil

but the gift is big

in a simple embrace

© LScott 2012

I’m not sure if the kitty was happy,
but I know my son was thrilled
(15 years ago)
and he was definitely sharing
a warm embrace~  🙂

Wishing you all a Wonderful Wednesday!


Waiting for Santa

Magic fills the air tonight
Rudolph leads the way
They’ll land on the roof
in the big, glorious sleigh

Her excitement is charming
She’s bursting with glee
and making cookies for him,
helping her wonderful Mommy

The tree is all ready
It sparkles with beauty
He’ll be so happy to see it
It’ll be his favorite, definitely

She sets the cookie plate
where he surely won’t miss them
and she doesn’t forget the carrots
so the reindeer can have some

Now darkness arrives
She hears, “Off to bed you go”
Her heart feels so alive
with excitement, it’s all aglow

She falls asleep, one eye open
One ear perks up as she intently listens
but slumber prevails as her eyelids start drooping
She dreams of the stars and how they all glisten

In the morning, sunshine pushes through
She pops out of bed, joyfully wiggling,
Waking her parents up to tell them
She can’t stop from giggling

They enter the room; it’s so simply stunning
With surrounding gifts, their tree stands proud
She hugs mommy and daddy
And says “thank you” to Santa out loud

May we all share the Christmas magic of a child’s heart~


Photo credit to my son
and a beautiful
neighborhood tree~


For those children unable to
live in a loving environment.
May they find a reason to smile~

If only she could dream
Of rainbows and butterflies
Of a friend who never lies
Of a mommy to braid her hair
Of a daddy to simply be there
Of a world not needing disguise

If only she wouldn’t dream
In her darkened corner, where she cries
Wondering the who’s, where’s, and why’s
If the ache will stay in her forever
The pain she endures is clever
Surrounding her dismal, shadowed eyes

Love is a stranger to her life
Allowing only distress and strife
No escape illuminates the dark
Caution is kept to erase the mark
Loneliness cuts her spirit like a knife

Yet, with folded hands, she looks to the skies
And prays for warmth in the sunrise
And wishes for rainbows and butterflies

Copyright 2011