Waiting for Santa

Magic fills the air tonight
Rudolph leads the way
They’ll land on the roof
in the big, glorious sleigh

Her excitement is charming
She’s bursting with glee
and making cookies for him,
helping her wonderful Mommy

The tree is all ready
It sparkles with beauty
He’ll be so happy to see it
It’ll be his favorite, definitely

She sets the cookie plate
where he surely won’t miss them
and she doesn’t forget the carrots
so the reindeer can have some

Now darkness arrives
She hears, “Off to bed you go”
Her heart feels so alive
with excitement, it’s all aglow

She falls asleep, one eye open
One ear perks up as she intently listens
but slumber prevails as her eyelids start drooping
She dreams of the stars and how they all glisten

In the morning, sunshine pushes through
She pops out of bed, joyfully wiggling,
Waking her parents up to tell them
She can’t stop from giggling

They enter the room; it’s so simply stunning
With surrounding gifts, their tree stands proud
She hugs mommy and daddy
And says “thank you” to Santa out loud

May we all share the Christmas magic of a child’s heart~


Photo credit to my son
and a beautiful
neighborhood tree~

38 thoughts on “Waiting for Santa

  1. Caddo Veil

    Yes, holding onto that bit of childlike magic is quite a gift. I am glad and grateful that you have miracles to celebrate this year–I add my prayer of thanksgiving. I do love your photos–how wonderful. How nice of you to make recent visits to my blog–this is fun, indeed, lovely fun at the holidays!

  2. Beautiful poem Lauren and it brought the memories back to my heart of that most special of seasons for a child. Now, we can enjoy seeing the our little angels experience the same. Truly a blessing!

    1. Thanks so much, Scott…it was fun remembering when our kids were little and seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child is pure magic. I try to somehow keep the magic, but it’s more challenging, since dynamics do change when they’re 20 & 16! 🙂

  3. I can imagine “she” might be any age, assuming her parents are still around to be wakened! After all, childlike enthusiasm is as good a Christmas gift as anybody can get at any age. I know you know that, since you write this with such insight into it all. 🙂

    1. I love your point well said, Kathryn…yes, “she” can be of any age, although, I was thinking of our children when they were younger (now 16 & 20). Lets hope the childlike enthusiasm remains with many of us, no matter our ages. Thanks so much for visiting! 🙂

  4. So beautiful!! I’m remember being that little girl not too long ago. One year I actually snuck outside because I wanted to see the reindeer, but I fell asleep on the steps. I remember I used to mix oats and sparkles together to make “reindeer food”.
    I miss being a little kid.

  5. What a blessing that tree is in your neighborhood this Christmas. Truly a work of art! And the best part of this Christmas poem is the little girl thanking Santa out loud!

  6. This is a lovely poem, Lauren! I don’t know why I did not get my notification in my email-box. I am subscribed to your blog..
    It just lovely and well suited for the holiday.

    I have a Christmas gift for you,

    Merry Christmas,
    Deb xx

    1. Thanks, Deb, and that has happened to me also with others I’m subscribed to..I haven’t figured out why, yet! Your greeting is adorable, thanks so much for thinking of me and I hope you have a wonderful, blessed holiday season! xx

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