For those children unable to
live in a loving environment.
May they find a reason to smile~

If only she could dream
Of rainbows and butterflies
Of a friend who never lies
Of a mommy to braid her hair
Of a daddy to simply be there
Of a world not needing disguise

If only she wouldn’t dream
In her darkened corner, where she cries
Wondering the who’s, where’s, and why’s
If the ache will stay in her forever
The pain she endures is clever
Surrounding her dismal, shadowed eyes

Love is a stranger to her life
Allowing only distress and strife
No escape illuminates the dark
Caution is kept to erase the mark
Loneliness cuts her spirit like a knife

Yet, with folded hands, she looks to the skies
And prays for warmth in the sunrise
And wishes for rainbows and butterflies

Copyright 2011

24 thoughts on “HURTING ANGEL

  1. Elle.Tea.Emm

    L, this is so touching. i work with children, most of them from sad homes. you were so beautifully able to put into words what i see everyday. it’s so sad for these kids. they are the worlds most precious gift and yet they aren’t cherished. i really like this one – it hits home and touches my heart. and there’s something musical about it. amazing job.

    1. Thanks so much, Elle…it just breaks my heart that children are defenseless and don’t have a say when it comes to where they’ll live, who their family will be and what their life will be like..I wanted to convey hope at the end, though~

  2. Irwan Juanda

    I love how this post concerns about those childern, and in the end of the post, you expressed that those childern still having hope towards a beautiful life. Inspiring.

  3. Julie Catherine

    Lauren, this is absolutely beautiful – and yes, it made me cry. But they are good tears, cleansing tears, and I am so grateful you sent me here to read this, thank you. I am on my healing journey, I am a survivor. There is a part of me that is always said that I never experienced a loving mother’s touch, that my experiences were tainted so badly … but like your poem expresses hope at the end, I too have always tried to find the hope and the warmth and the love. I am a survivor, and I am healing! Bless you, Lauren. ~ Love, Julie xox

    1. Thanks, Julie, and I’m glad you are a survivor, though, simple that may sound…some things are just too difficult to imagine, what children and adults experience in their lives. And to know that you have survived is a blessing to you and me! I couldn’t write this poem, paint a very sad picture, without conveying hope at the end. There is always hope, I believe, but again, unless we’ve walked in “those” shoes, we have no idea what the “walk” is all about…Love an hugs to you! xo

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