Do you ever…

wish there were more hours in a day? Sometimes, it’s difficult to fit in all that we strive to accomplish in that set of time. Some days and weeks pass by where nothing has been completed because of lazy moods or wallowing in self-pity.

Self Pity Vs Staying Positive - So Bad Ass

Well, it’s important that we remember to…

make time to sit still…to think, to listen. Keep those dreams alive even when they fall to the wayside. Create new dreams, set new goals. When we keep the wheels turning in our head and work towards accomplishing a goal, there is little time for wallowing to become real estate in our minds. And working towards achievement implies always trying – standing tall when failure smacks us in the face.

People Who Live Without Dreams. Insights of the people who don't have… | by  Vinod Sharma | Live Your Life On Purpose | Medium

Of course, we’re never too old to learn. So, keep reading, allowing your brain to be the sponge its meant to be. And where there is time to work, there must also be time to play – to release worries and let laughter and childlike wonder lead the way.

Fight Covid-19 with 30 minutes of laughter every day | Hindustan Times

So, simply said, take time to grow and embrace each new life chapter. But whatever you do, don’t waste that precious time!

No stars are unreachable
No matter their height
No hope is invisible
No matter your plight
No dreams are unattainable
No matter how great
No burden is unmanageable
No matter its weight!

7 key intrinsic motivational drivers you need to understand

Lauren Scott (c)
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42 thoughts on “Do you ever…

    1. Thanks so much, Barbara, and you said it well, too. I think the word “temporary” is key because when those downs arrive, most of us probably don’t feel that they are temporary. If so, then we have to muster up even more courage and will to rise out of the slumps. 🙂 Thanks for commenting! 💕

  1. Lauren, a beautiful and uplifting post … the perfect start to my Sunday morning! 😀 It is easy to fall into moments of lows and last year I decided to allow myself a few minutes here and there of these before striding forth again. Last week completed a dream I’ve had for a long time … of my own garden writing studio! All ready and moving in this week – it gives such a boost and I’m hoping for many positive creative hours in there!

    1. Thanks, Annika! I’m happy to brighten your day! Your garden writing studio sounds wonderful and I’m so happy your dream is coming to fruition. I have no doubt that creativity will flourish in the many hours you will enjoy in your special place. And I can’t wait to read that creativity in the near future! My dream of publishing another book is drawing closer, too. Boxes are getting checked off, so hopefully by late March or sometime in April, I’ll be able to share the exciting news. These dreams and goals are what keep us going. Thanks for stopping by! 💓

    1. I feel the same way, Diana. The big 60 is coming up quickly for me and my husband is a year ahead of me. Time is definitely precious. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post of inspiration. Have a wonderful evening. 💗

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