Missing Piece

Though glowing rays
warm my window panes
I function in a daze
my nights remain cloudy
I dream only in grays
and when I reach for your hand
feeling only the sheets
my heart shatters once again
adding another piece

 to the pile in my mind
of brokenness from the past
promises flowing
down the river
crashing with a splash
I miss your eyes
how they touched
deep into my soul
and how your loving words
made my heart whole

 but I’ll find worthiness
on a dusty shelf
and lying beside it
will be the strength I seek
for even without your love
I won’t remain weak

© LScott 2013
(Author’s Note: Fiction)



Roller Coaster

I used to love the excitement
the anticipation while standing in line
butterflies fluttering inside
energy from those around
speeding thrills of going up, up, up
then all the way down

Now my mind has changed
I’m not fond of this new ride I’m on
No ticket bought, just stumbled upon
Too chilling for my aching heart
Thrills turn to fear
Please let me off before I fall apart

© LScott 2013


Your words are
empty syllables
floating in the sky
How naive I’d have to be
to miss the depth
in your eyes

Two like ships we are
with enough disparity
to balance the scale
but not enough
to change
the direction of the sail

Yet, parting ways
is what your heart
has chosen for us now
I’ll accept,
but not much time
will my heart allow

Love is deeply stronger
than any heavy fear
when you unlock the gates
and turn the key
you’ll find
I’ve always been near

© LScott 2013

Author’s Note: Fiction

Reality’s Edge

larger than life
hovering, invasive
casting shadows

louder than
thunder’s symphony

with eyes squeezed shut
I see only papered walls
and moving silhouettes

shaking my head
I lie in beads of sweat
gripping the edge

waiting to fall
into the depths…

© LScott 2013

(Sometimes life brings challenges and we fall into darkness.
This happened to me last fall when our family received
devastating news. After time, I was able to pull out into the light again.
I wish everyone could) ♥

The Cards We’re Dealt

We sail through life smoothly
until a wave knocks us down
with no means for escaping
no turning around or backing away
We’re still caught in the aftermath
of that dismal day

The best move is to dive in head first
We may get hurt
where our emotions could run so wild
that our souls would be fully drained
from the collision of shock,
new found pain

Where tears could fall so long and hard
that face muscles would begin to dance
and our happiness would be scarred

Our only choice then,
is to move forward
We must learn to deal
the hand we’re dealt
and consent to acceptance

With weeping more infrequent
and the embracing of strength
Our eyes will open to the light and follow
allowing Hope and Faith
to enter
our hearts once again

© LScott 2013

Dedicated to my family
with all my heart. ♥

I Loved You

I loved you not too long ago
My heart gently placed you
on a pedestal
You remained there
and could do no wrong
How beautifully we belonged

Then the pavement cracked
and I found myself
straddling both sides

trying to decide which was right
watching where my heartbeat landed

My mind was stranded
somewhere in the middle
where nothing made sense
and two and two made five

I was alive
but my time was up
I had to choose
and lose a part of me

Though forever
our love didn’t last
you will always
be a vision from my past

Maybe down the road
our lives might chance to mingle
and we could feel that hold
Just a slight tingle again

LScott © 2012

Amicable Hearts

A universe now altered

since your presence

is ingrained

in everywhere I look

and everything I feel

It’s as though you’re still very real

and yet, it’s your image

that will follow me

indefinitely, so

I’ve tucked the love

that once held your eyes

inside my aching heart

and I haven’t forgotten

your charming smile

I’ll carry them both for awhile

Don’t worry about me

I promise not to break

I’ll miss you, terribly,

but staying close

would be our mistake

When my emotions

have settled

I’ll set you free

and you can look back



© LScott 2012

Photo Credit: http://robertfagan.com