From Fabulous to Flames

We’re home now after another wonderful lake adventure and so grateful to have had blue skies before they turned hazy. Our hearts are heavy; praying for all those affected by over 600 wildfires burning up and down the state of CA, and for the firemen and first responders. Yesterday, the air was very smoky, the worst yet, and the advisory continues through Wednesday. The surroundings are a bit eerie. As more dry lightning is possible for today, our bags are packed because at the top of our street is dry open space. So, we’d rather be prepared in the event that hill ignites. It’s frightening, and I can’t imagine what others have endured who have had to evacuate, who have lost their homes or loved ones. And then think of the animals affected. It’s heartbreaking. We’re keeping all who are in the path of fires in our hearts. In the meantime, we swam in the refreshing lake, relaxed in our site, and did some hiking. It was great to get away, but also good to be home safely. Hope you enjoy these photos (only a few of the many we took; I can’t help but take too many)…

Stay safe wherever you are!
Lauren πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

33 thoughts on “From Fabulous to Flames

  1. Lovely getaway! My brother and SIL are in Benicia so (for now) out of harms way but I know the air they are breathing isn’t good. I was hoping that, with everything else that’s been thrown at us this year, the fire season would spare us. Unfortunately, it just seems earlier and more fierce. Stay safe!

    1. Thanks, Janis, and I’ll keep your brother and SIL in my thoughts, too. I was hoping the same thing, but knew the fires wouldn’t spare us. It seems they are earlier than in past years, though, which means we still have a few months to go. Sigh. This year has to end on a positive note, but is it even possible? And 2020 had such a nice ring to it. πŸ™‚ Take care!

    1. Thanks so much, John. We were fine last night and the alert for lightning strikes is through 5 pm today. Fingers are crossed. As I mentioned to Janis, 2020 had such a nice ring to it, but now it couldn’t end too soon. Take care, too, and stay safe.

  2. Such a beautiful place! What a wonderful recharge this must have been!
    Fires are such a horrible thing/ My mind always goes to those who can’t escape its path… May they stop soon!
    I hope you have a great week ahead! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, Marina, and yes it was a wonderful recharge! I feel the same way about those who aren’t able to escape. The images are horrific. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of our new fire season that has become a new normal. It usually runs through Oct. and sometimes, into November. Ugh. One day at a time continues to be the mantra, especially for this crazy year. Wishing you a great day and week, too. Hugs! xoxox

    1. I appreciate that, Jill. Last night was uneventful, a good thing, but the alert runs through 5 pm today. I’m sure we’ll be fine, but we’re ready, just the same. I feel so badly for those who have lost their homes and loved ones. It’s horrible beyond any imagination. Hope you’re doing well, though, and thanks again. xo

    1. It was, thanks, Andrew, but then to come home to the fires is surreal. We packed in the middle of a heat wave and had hoped to come home to cooler, nice summer weather. So much for that. But we can’t complain; we’re just watching what happens today. It’s horrible that the smoke has traveled that far, but watching the news in the direct heart of all the fires, you can’t even comprehend the unhealthy conditions. Stay safe, too.

    1. I hope she stays safe, too, Ian. This new fire season is just horrible and thinking of what many have endured is beyond heartbreaking. And then the double hurricanes on the east coast? So much to worry about these days…

  3. Jane Sturgeon

    Holding you all in my prayers, Lauren. ❀ I am glad you managed to have a lake trip and these are lovely photos. ❀ ❀

    1. Thanks so much, Jane, for your prayers and for your lovely words. One day at a time and we pray the fires are contained very soon and that the victims receive the help they need. Sending love, dear friend. xo

  4. Looks like a great place to escape to. The wildfires sound terrible. There have been so many all over the world the past few years that it seems to be a very disturbing new trend.

    1. This lake is one of our favorites, Binky, thank you. The fires are beyond horrific along with the terror many people have experienced. Watching the news is like watching a horror flick. But unfortunately, like you said, they are the new CA normal and it is unnerving to know each year that fires will occur. We’re ready to move!

    1. Thanks, Debby. I’m happy you enjoyed the photos. Now we can’t help but worry about the fire victims. Time in paradise flew by too fast. Stay safe! πŸ’—πŸ’—

  5. Lauren, your time by the lake looks heavenly and such a restful and tranquil location!πŸ˜€ It must be terrifying to return to your home and so close to the fires. I pray you and your home are safe and that you will not need to use your emergency packing and evacuate. I can’t imagine 600 plus fires – horrific. Please take extra special care and keep safe. xx

    1. Thanks for your caring words, Annika. We’re safe from fire danger now, so thankful! But the air is still unhealthy, and yet, we can’t complain when many have had to evacuate, many have lost their homes and loved ones. It’s just awful and so frightening. Every year now CA deals with fires, ever since 2017. Ugh! Anyway, one day at a time and thanks again. It’s nice to see you. I need to catch up. πŸ™‚ Sending love and hugs!

  6. Lauren, Your title makes me brace myself. The fires have been scary and devastating to many. Like you say, heartbreaking. Your photos are fun, beautiful and breathtaking. Hugs to all.

    1. Hi Erica,

      Thanks for your lovely words. You’re right, the fires are so scary and a new normal. The fire close to us is about 13% contained. It’s better, but all the fires have spread too fast for the resources available. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, though. It was great to get away and now we look forward to a brighter 2021. In a way, this year couldn’t end too soon, although, let’s still embrace each day as it is a gift. Many have had that gift taken away from them. Sending hugs to you and take good care. πŸ’—

    1. Thanks again, Betty! We had a few days when packed bags waited in the cars and by the front door. We have open space at the top of our street, so that’s a new concern now each year. None are contained completely, only 13, 25, or 33%, approx. I think in a couple of weeks they should be out, but it’s slow-going. Yes, our air has still been smoky, but as long as we’re not in the heart of the fire, we can’t complain. Thanks for your concern and wishing you a good week ahead. Sending love and hugs! xoxo

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