Alluring Altitude

Not a sound can be heard
Except an occasional chirp
And the wind’s whisper
Gliding through evergreens
Protecting from sun’s burning rays

Peace flows through veins
Its gentle movement calms the mind
As fragrance renews all senses

With my love beside me,
Gratitude embodies my heart
Together we stay mesmerized
Sitting on the shore
Watching the dragonflies
And reveling in the melody of silence

Lauren Scott (c) 2020

We’re off to the lake next week, so I’ll be disconnected from technology.
It’ll be good to get away and unwind in the fresh mountain air.
I’ll see you when I return, and in the meantime, I want to give a Big
“Thanks” to all of you who pop in a regular basis and to those who
visit now and then. All I can hope for is to write a poem or story
that resonates with you, so that you’ll have a special take-away
each time you leave. Thank you, Thank you! I appreciate you so
much! Stay well, stay happy, stay healthy! Love, Lauren

32 thoughts on “Alluring Altitude

  1. Mother Wintermoon

    I love this poem full of life, love and gratitude. Your words always speak volumes to me. I feel your heart will be filled with poetic soulsongs out among the water and the evergreens, surrounded by dragonfly magic. Safe and joyful journeying! ❤️🙏❤️

    1. Aww, what a lovely comment, MW, thank you so much! Yes, being in the mountains is truly magical. It’s our home away from home, even in mask-wearing times. Stay well, my friend. 🥰🎇💗

    1. Thanks, Betty! Yes, peace and calm is what we’re looking forward to. Disengaging with the news, too. 🤪 I always take too many pics, so no problem there. 🙂 Love and hugs back to you! 🤩😍💗💗

    1. Thanks, Balroop. I’m glad you are touched by the serenity. It’s something we all need during these crazy times. Have a good week and I’ll see you when I plug in again. 🙂 🌻

    1. Thank you for all your lovely words and wishes, Marina. I’m checking in one more time before we’re on the road. So, have a peaceful week, too, and see you later. Much love to you, dear friend. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    1. Thanks so much, Debby! With the fires all over CA, we’re home earlier, but cleaning up now. Had a great time and have some things to take care of, then will return probably on Monday. Hope all is well! 🥰

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