saddle shoes

I would walk downstairs
for breakfast and Morton,
the parrot, would greet me
in his feathery way and
I would wish him the same.

I had a friend who was a boy
but it wasn’t what you think.
We were only five years old
and at the time, it was a
friendship to behold.

Our neighborhood mascot was
Sam, the frog and he
was the size of a football.
He wasn’t as fun as a dog
but when we moved I missed him.

Mom made me a frog
I could keep forever

(out of red corduroy and beans).

These are some things I recall
since five years old was eons ago.
Fourth of July was fun with Dad
setting off amazing fireworks
in the sky for my youthful eyes.

On the first day of kindergarten
I stepped up into the big, yellow
school bus, wearing a plaid jumper
and black and white saddle shoes
with excitement and no sign of the blues.

A memory that sticks with a frown
is my short, pixie haircut
I had to wear around town!

Lauren Scott © 2015
Photo: Google images
(A little bit of fun but sorry, no pics of the haircut!)

34 thoughts on “Tanglewood

  1. I was disappointed to page down and not see a picture of that haircut. I think we all had one at one time or another. I loved your poem, a happy walk down memory lane. Hugs.

    1. Haha, sorry, Michelle! Honestly, I don’t have any younger photos of me. I really hated that haircut though so I probably wouldn’t have shared even if I did. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words; this was fun to write…have a lovely weekend and hugs to you, too!

  2. “Sweet!” I had a pixie cut, too. My mom felt it was easier up keep. She’d waltz us down to a barbershop in the city and “Mr. Derry” would snip away. Once finished, he’d toss in a handful of silver sparkles. As soon as I could protest, I began to grow my hair and I still “love” sparkles!

    1. Thanks, Naima, and sadly, I don’t have any younger photos of me. I didn’t like that haircut so I probably still wouldn’t have shared. 😀
      I’m glad you enjoyed…have a lovely weekend and blessings to you, too..

  3. A beautiful nostalgic memory of your young childhood.
    I can imagine how you would have looked, the jumper and shoes
    and your short hair, all for the start of your new life.
    A lovely memory of a bygone era.

  4. Lots of fun, and some very familiar memories! One big difference, though, is that my pixies and pages were better on me than long hair from the very beginning, though I might have taken a while to get over being wistful and wishful about long hair…! Saddle shoes. Oh, yeah! 😀

    1. Well, you look wonderful and adorable in short hair and I don’t! My Mom thought it would be easier so the three girls had the same experience. Then our hair started growing longer. Even though I was loved, I knew for the 3rd time that my parents hoped for a boy. So who knows? Maybe the haircut was soothing to them in that way. 🙂 They never got their boy but have several grandsons and great grandsons so it all evens out! Thanks for stopping by! xo

    1. I don’t know what triggers them, Don. There are many things I don’t remember but these few memories came to mind and it was fun writing them down…thanks for your visit and comment! Have a great rest of the week!

      By the way, my Dad, who is still living at 95, couldn’t remember the parrot and his mind is sharper than many youthful minds…:)

  5. Wonderful poem filled with sweet memories and plenty of nostalgia,dear Lauren!
    Memories have their own way to come back and stir our lives … Sending Love & Hugs ,Doda ❤ x

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