The Great Pumpkin Mystery

There once were three pumpkins
from that festive Thanksgiving Day
that dodged the carving knife so
for a while, they would stay

It was decided to display them
for an autumn decoration
Thus, in the yard they were placed
in a beautiful fall creation

Then one vanished from thin air
and couldn’t be found at all
The final deduction was Copper
ate the cantaloupe-sized ball

He showed no signs of distress
pumpkin is safe for canines
But there were no clues
no new bright-orange finds

What happened to that pumpkin
became a great pumpkin mystery
But with each day, time passed
along with our curiosity

Then, lo and behold,
time brought resolution
as an orange spot poked up
absolving all confusion

Yet, this finding was an anomaly
our lab’s never been a digger
Sure enough though, to our surprise
he chose to bury his treasure!!

Coppers buried treasure The great pumpkin mystery 2017 (3)

My hubby saw a little orange spot, then brushed off
some of the dirt to confirm his assumption.

Coppers buried treasure The great pumpkin mystery 2017 (2)

It looks like Copper had a little taste before burying
his treasure.

Copper in Autumn by Steph 2016

And introducing Mr. Innocent! 

Lauren Scott © 2017
(and so the mystery is solved) 🙂 🎃😊

33 thoughts on “The Great Pumpkin Mystery

    1. Thanks, Geraldine, and the same to you, my friend. It’s nice to see you, too! And I surely won’t tell Mr. Cheddar you said that either. Copper says, “thanks” by the way. 🙂 🎄🎅💝

    1. Well, we sure laughed about it since this was a first. The stem was missing, so he probably carried it, but maybe rolled it, too. Who knows? I wish I could’ve caught him on camera in the action though. It would’ve been fun to see. 🙂 Thanks, Betty! We adopted him 5 years ago, and looking at labs online, his color really stood out. He’s received many complements and appreciates them all. 🙂 xo

    1. Aww, thanks, Ian, for your kind words and complements. I was first going to just write this in prose, then poetry, rhyme and rhythm came to mind. It was fun to work on while also thinking of our crazy lab. 🙂

  1. Haha… Loved that, and so pleased the mystery now solved.. and Butter wouldn’t melt in looking at Copper lol .. And love the name really suits him.. 🙂
    Happy Christmas Lauren.. Much love to you all.. xxx ❤ and thank you for your love and support my friend xx

    1. Thanks, Sue, glad you enjoyed this account of Copper’s adventure. 🙂 His eyes from the beginning have melted us. Just the way he looks at us is crazy, like he’s part human. Wishing you the same, my friend, and you’re very welcome about the love and support. I thank you, as well! Big hugs and much love back to you! 💕🎅🎄

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