12 thoughts on “DAY JOURNEY

    1. Thanks so much, Nanda, and I agree! I took this photo while hiking and loved it. My son helped with the final touches. Yes, I do believe we all are silently climbing…striving for something bigger~:)

    1. Thanks, Rose! The metaphor is so fitting, isn’t it? I have never written haiku, until I actively started this blog less then two months ago. Check the others out and let me know what you think! (when you have time, of course! 🙂 ) I’m enjoying them, very much, and I love to add images, if possible.

    1. Thank you and it’s also metaphorical, about us moving forward through life. I usually try to use metaphor, comparing to life in some way, if I’m able! 🙂

      I did read that most Haiku are written about nature. As you read mine, you’ll find I deviated at times….

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