It was a townhouse
that stood two-stories
tall, where fond memories
float about, and where I
wore pigtails and a smile.
I recall my foot landing
on the bottom step, and
Morton would offer his
feathery hello, and in my
language, the same I
would bestow.

This is the home where
Mom gave me a frog
that would live forever. It
was made with time, love,
red corduroy and beans.
I named him Sam, and he
meant the world to me.

Events from two days ago
can be obscure, yet visions
of my first day of kindergarten
remain vivid, wearing a
plaid jumper, black and white
saddle shoes, and riding in the
big, yellow school bus. This was
a time when Mom and Dad
were still with us…

Lauren Scott © 2018
(re-write & I’m the baby)❤





Mom and me as a baby

When my interest in boys began
I shared my fairytale with Mom
She smiled like a movie star, then said,
“Sweetheart, your time will come”

She never crushed my dreams
Because in her heart she knew
My prince would someday arrive
I suppose mothers always do

Lauren Scott September 2017
(I miss you, Mom ❤)

(I was much younger in this photo,
but it’s one of my favorites 🙂 )



saddle shoes

I would walk downstairs
for breakfast and Morton,
the parrot, would greet me
in his feathery way and
I would wish him the same.

I had a friend who was a boy
but it wasn’t what you think.
We were only five years old
and at the time, it was a
friendship to behold.

Our neighborhood mascot was
Sam, the frog and he
was the size of a football.
He wasn’t as fun as a dog
but when we moved I missed him.

Mom made me a frog
I could keep forever

(out of red corduroy and beans).

These are some things I recall
since five years old was eons ago.
Fourth of July was fun with Dad
setting off amazing fireworks
in the sky for my youthful eyes.

On the first day of kindergarten
I stepped up into the big, yellow
school bus, wearing a plaid jumper
and black and white saddle shoes
with excitement and no sign of the blues.

A memory that sticks with a frown
is my short, pixie haircut
I had to wear around town!

Lauren Scott © 2015
Photo: Google images
(A little bit of fun but sorry, no pics of the haircut!)

The Cabin on the Corner

Big Bear Lake

Our little cabin in the woods
was made of rustic charm
It embraced us with its caring walls
and kept us very warm

In our cozy kitchen
Mom enticed us with her cooking
we’d always sneak a taste
when we knew she wasn’t looking

Night time walks could be spooky
even with a flashlight
to find furry, black masks huddled
was an unnerving sight

Time was passed in the snow
by flying down the hills
on a magic wooden sleigh
delighting in the thrills

Memories of our corner cabin
will forever stay in mind
but my heart is heavy knowing
now its windows are blind

LScott © 2013

Photo: Google Images
(I don’t have any old photos of our cabin,
but this is one of Big Bear Lake. )

Childhood Cabin Haiku

Behind the dark boards
a roaring fire warmed us

those days long ago

 Generations played
cards; ante up, fifteen cents

while lasagna baked

 The haunted cabin
around the corner scared us

entering our dreams

A snow packed staircase
made it easy for our dog
A view from the roof

© LScott 2012

I have fond memories of our cabin
from my childhood.

It wasn’t fancy or huge, but very, very cozy. 
The best of times were spent playing games indoors,
hiking, tobogganing and sledding.
The last time I saw it, the windows were boarded
and I don’t have any old photos. 
It was sad to see it that way,
but it’s good to have the wonderful memories
in mind of our fun mountain get-a-ways
that included
family and friends.  ♥