One Kiss

I stare at this
blank page,
white as the
blanketed ground
in winter’s staging

Where are the syllables
I crave to create a
mixture of magic?

I fear they have traveled
to faraway places,
across desert dunes
and boundless oceans,

and might not return
so that I may tell him
how he’s irreplaceable

I’ll just kiss him
and steady myself
in the arms of a man
who is satisfied
with my simple

Lauren Scott © 2015

24 thoughts on “One Kiss

    1. Thanks so much, Ian, and thanks for your prior message, too. I got it and had deleted this last night for more editing. So sorry for the confusion, but I appreciate your patience to return again. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Ian, and you’re right. Some things like love should never be taken for granted. My hubby and I just celebrated 26 years of marriage and we’re still happy so I’m very grateful, believe me. I’m sorry you’ve experience hurt and I wish you much love in your future, my friend. From your beautiful poetry I know your heart is one of romance, too…wishing you also a wonderful weekend…

  1. Well I guess there is nothing more you can do, when there is a lot you want to do except you find yourself limited by the things your body will allow you to do as opposed to what your mind wishes you could do. This then means that the perfect combination and fusion of the two is expressed through the glorious journey that a kiss takes you on.

    Thank you for this beautiful post Lauren.

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