Blogging Break and Prayers Needed

Dear Friends,

My family has received some life altering news
that we’re still trying to process and therefore,

I won’t be blogging for awhile.  I’m not sure how long
and I will miss your wonderful talents,
but I wish you an abundance of peace and happiness.

I also ask that you hold my family in your prayers.
They will be greatly appreciated.

Much love,

57 thoughts on “Blogging Break and Prayers Needed

  1. Lauren, I am so sorry to hear this news and I will certainly be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Please forgive me for not finding this post sooner but I was out of the blogging world for about 5 months and just returned, long story there. Things really happen that we just can’t understand, but I know your faith is strong and we trust God in all this and just keep the praying rolling. Sending Lots of Love and Hugs your way and will keep you in my thoughts. Gabby

    1. Gabby, no worries, at all, my friend. I know you and Autumn have been “away” too and have missed you and thought of you often, wondering why. Many times I thought of emailing you, but then I didn’t want to pry (maybe that was weak)…anyway, I’m glad you both have returned and thank you so much for your prayers. I would like to return to blogland and am considering it, but my energy isn’t the same. I just don’t know. I haven’t written in 3 months and feel like my creativity has been deleted..take care and say “hi” to your twinnie and many Happy New Year wishes to you both. I hope things are better for you both now that you are posting again, too! Hugs, Blessings and love to you both…Lauren xo

  2. I will be getting an email off to you soon Lauren and you should have felt free to send us one! It wasn’t weak of you, honestly…You are much like me and hate to overstep because we are sensitve. Things are somewhat better for Autumn and me and we’ll keep praying you will soon feel better, too. Many blessings for a Happy New Year for you and love and hugs back to you my friend! xo Gabby

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