Man’s Best Friend’s Entertaining Antics

Ever since Copper became a member of our family,
squirrels have become the “bane of my existence!”
He shows tremendous confidence in being able
to catch the fast little critters, but to no avail.

squirrel on wireJumping in the air
feeling so close, yet so far
there’s hope for next time

 High up in the sky

looking down as if to smile

they always prevail

(but Copper also shares mellow moments
where he breathes in the beauty around him)

Copper smelling flowers

The enjoyment and fun our furry pets provide us
is priceless and worth a million smiles…

Lauren Scott © 2014

Top photo: Google images
(I can’t take a photo
and hold Copper at the same time)
Copper photo: My daughter
(unfortunately, this patch of grass
never looks the best)

30 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend’s Entertaining Antics

  1. Lauren… Dogs do what Dogs love doing, and chasing squirrels I am sure Copper justs loves.. Great photo.. The Sunflowers have been beautiful this year lasting ages.. Wishing you a beautiful New Week. Hugs Sue xox

    1. Yes, they do, but it’s annoying, at times. 🙂 Thanks, Sue, and I love sunflowers! I’ve never been the passionate gardener like my Mom was, but my appreciation for flowers has grown as I’ve gotten older. I love their beauty, colors and serenity. Hugs back for a great week, too! ♥

    1. Thanks so much, Ian, and I’m so sorry for replying late…I’m glad you enjoyed this canine post and I loved that photo my daughter took, too, of Copper and the flower. Perfect timing! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend…

    1. Thanks, Chris, and it seems I’m late on a few other comments, too, so sorry! 🙂 Yes, our pets bring us so much joy (except when I’m walking Copper and he sees a squirrel, sigh) 🙂 Have a great weekend, my friend! HBL ♥

  2. Oh naughty boy Copper !!! Your mum wanted to show us what a great squirrel chaser you are! Never stop trying my boy ! Besides,Lauren clearly expressed it in her poetic words …Never give up Copper … “There’s hope for next time” ,she says !
    Who bothers about this patch of grass when sees Copper sniffing these brilliant sunflowers !!!
    Love to you Lauren and Copper ❤❤❤ ,please give him a big hug for me 🙂 xxx

    1. Oh, Doda, you are too funny! I love your humor and yes, he will keep trying and will continue to be “trying” for his mum, too! 😀 But that’s okay, he makes up for all the mischief with his lovable, adorable personality. And the grass, well, that’s just me thinking why wasn’t this photo taken where the grass looked good? Heehee
      But, you’re right, who cares! Sorry I’m late in replying…once in awhile, some comments slip through and it seems I’m slow on a few others, too. Anyway, much love to you and have a lovely weekend! ♥ xo

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