36 thoughts on “In Style

      1. Aww…thank you! As I’ve told others, I couldn’t resist using it for some kind of blog post…Copper has been in the spotlight here before, too, as we adopted him over a year ago…:)

      1. It’s intermittent. (Always the most difficult type of problem.) My guess it’s to do with the servers changing from time to time, given that we are talking about a global network here. For instance there’s a site I follow faithfully, but sometimes I don’t get a notification …

      1. You have done this done this already, but have you rechecked the settings on the individuals on your reader? WP changed things there a little while ago. I know I found that some of my “follows” had been altered!.

    1. Thanks so much for saying hi, Clowie, and we haven’t seen Cat’s post, yet, but are heading over there now! Copper say’s “woof” back and thank you for the complement! 🙂

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