Wanting the Moon

That touch of lips
never having a chance,
the intimacy of arm in arm
missing its first dance,
the quiet talking
late into the night
while the moon 
provided its light,
those moments imagined
when bodies were one
giving depth of love
until evening was done,
Reality is strong and

you are but a vision,
I am just a dreamer
with my heart, imprisoned

Lauren Scott © 2015

42 thoughts on “Wanting the Moon

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    1. I must have 🙂 but it’s a little sad so I’m sorry you can relate. Then again, I’m sure most can as a longing for love is pretty universal…thanks for stopping by, Teri, and I hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Oh, Lauren, so lovely, and you KNOW I understand …
    “the quiet talking
    late into the night
    while the moon
    provided its light,”

    And the last two lines – well, say no more. So lovely. I am tearful but grateful to be so. XO ❤

    1. Thanks so much, Diane, for your lovely comment and also for inspiring me. I feel like maybe I can walk around that block wall now. 🙂 And you almost made me tearful from reading your words…many hugs, my friend ♥

    1. Thanks, Chris, and I think this is pretty relatable although that’s not so good since it’s sad, too. But that’s all a part of traveling the road to finding true love. 🙂 Have a good weekend! ♥ xo

      1. Weekend started out great, but unfortunately got ill last night 😦 Doing somewhat better already though ^^ Hope your weekend is better! 😉 ♥

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