A Mighty Monday Message







Make this day a positive existence to your being

Over and above any other day of the week

No matter how you may feel after the weekend’s festivities

Draft a mental outline of opportunity, possibility and perseverance

And don’t let go of those inspirations, as the rewards

You receive will be even more than what you deserve~

© LScott 2012


31 thoughts on “A Mighty Monday Message

  1. Francina

    Hi Lauren,

    That was an oopsie… it is not the Versatile award but the BEAUTIFUL Award which I nominate you for.. the link is the same though.

    sorry about the first post….

    Francina xxx

  2. “A” is the first letter in the alphabets; it’s my favorite letter too. And the line that starts with “A” is my favorite: “And don’t let go of those inspirations, as the rewards”

    Thanks for sharing! Keep inspiring! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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