Ringing in 2012!

It’s no surprise 365 days
have come and gone
in the blink of an eye
We wonder and ponder over time spent
and how it went so fast
Some days passed at a snail’s pace
but we seem to race the clock
on the good ‘ol days

If you believe in resolutions,
though, this is no substitution,
Let’s write a new creed…
Enjoy each day to its fullest
not thinking about tomorrow
Don’t borrow the future
Embrace the present
and repent, if you must
Learn to trust more often
Allow a new door to open
and relationships to deepen

Of course, this is a recurring creed,
yet, it fits for each year,
Don’t you agree?
So, let’s try again, My Friends,
with champagne, clinking glasses
and celebrations in the masses
No matter your new goal
Let the New Year roll in
with Smiles, Aspirations,
Hope and Inspiration~

Cheers and Happy New Year, Everyone!

Copyright 2012

39 thoughts on “Ringing in 2012!

  1. Lauren, a very straightforward yet lyrical poem setting us on the glory path for 2012! Indeed, we must ALLOW new doors to open–and we must turn around from our pre-occupations to SEE that door went it opens. The winds of vicissitude may blow it closed again if we are not ready to walk right on through when it first opens to us. Bless you, dear girl!

    1. Rose, I love your wisdom about “seeing” and “allowing” the door to open; so true to life. I’m glad you enjoyed this and thank you, also, for your wonderful comment. I always learn something new when I read your replies! 🙂

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