49 thoughts on “Jumping into Fun Haiku :)

  1. That’s my girl! You just let your colorful light shine. Live, love and laugh! Do what makes you happy!
    Have a blessed day!
    Love and Hugs, xx

  2. Caddo Veil

    Oh, Lauren–you gotta know I love this one! Silly is one of my fave things to be! Thanks for sharing the picture of your girl, as well as the fun haiku. God bless you today.

  3. Oh yes thats the spirit..have fun when ever you can spread some silliness in the world…..world needs it..loved the pic of your daughter carefree,fun and full of life
    Bless her 🙂

  4. We ALL need to be joyfully “silly” like your daughter and properly celebrate all our rich blessings in this life, especially having such great blogging friends! Wonderfully happy haiku!

  5. Thanks to you all for your likes and comments! Please forgive this “bulk” reply, as I’m attempting to catch up! But, I appreciate all of your comments and I’m really glad you enjoyed some “silliness” too! Dare to be silly and have a wonderful Friday! Hugs to you all! xo

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