The Cabin on the Corner

Big Bear Lake

Our little cabin in the woods
was made of rustic charm
It embraced us with its caring walls
and kept us very warm

In our cozy kitchen
Mom enticed us with her cooking
we’d always sneak a taste
when we knew she wasn’t looking

Night time walks could be spooky
even with a flashlight
to find furry, black masks huddled
was an unnerving sight

Time was passed in the snow
by flying down the hills
on a magic wooden sleigh
delighting in the thrills

Memories of our corner cabin
will forever stay in mind
but my heart is heavy knowing
now its windows are blind

LScott © 2013

Photo: Google Images
(I don’t have any old photos of our cabin,
but this is one of Big Bear Lake. )

34 thoughts on “The Cabin on the Corner

  1. Yes, we all had wonderful times at Big Bear. When Mom and I went up alone, we would walk, stop in at the local pub for pickled eggs and play shuffleboard. We did have some good friends and engaged in card games. Many memories. Lauren, thanks for remembering. Much luv, Dad

  2. These are the most wonderful of memories. We also had a small cabin right on a lake in Northern Saskatchewan. My fondest memories is my Dad making pancakes on an outside stove. XX V.

    1. Thanks, Chris…It was beautiful there and the cabin was rustic, nothing fancy, but it served the purpose and evoked many great memories. I just wish we still had it! 🙂 HBL XXX ♥

  3. “Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.” Haruki Murakami. I really love this quote. 🙂
    It’s so hard to know that there’s an end to pretty much everything. It’s really hard for me at least… Ahhh la nostalgie…

    You’re very talented, Lauren!

    1. I love the quote, too! I guess it’s part of life…nothing lasts forever, so we have to savor those special moments! Thanks so much for stopping by, Cha, and for your very kind words. Last week, I was a little down for various reasons and you have brightened my day! Have a lovely Sunday! xx

      1. awww I’m glad I did! 🙂 I’m on Facebook too by the way. Have an account “Cha Dontchawannadream”. That’s another fun way to share things with my “wordpress friends” 🙂

        And you’re so welcome. Really love your blog!

      2. I’ll look you up on FB right now! I’m glad you enjoy my blog and writing, Cha! I’ve been carrying a bit of self doubt around and need to shed it soon! I worry too much, at times, and as my kids tell me, “just write, Mom” it’s what you love to do. Sometimes, my kids are smarter than me! Many hugs to you and I’ll be visiting you today, too!

  4. Childhood memories ❤ They were the best years of my life. I remember at Christmas time one year my grandparents put fairy lights up in the backyard and it looked like a fairyland. We actually never took them down until we moved. It was great

    1. What a beautiful memory, Bianca, thanks for sharing…I have twinkle lights up in our kitchen. They’re colored now, but I switch between white and colored. I just love the ambiance they create. Have a wonderful day! xx

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