Childhood Cabin Haiku

Behind the dark boards
a roaring fire warmed us

those days long ago

 Generations played
cards; ante up, fifteen cents

while lasagna baked

 The haunted cabin
around the corner scared us

entering our dreams

A snow packed staircase
made it easy for our dog
A view from the roof

© LScott 2012

I have fond memories of our cabin
from my childhood.

It wasn’t fancy or huge, but very, very cozy. 
The best of times were spent playing games indoors,
hiking, tobogganing and sledding.
The last time I saw it, the windows were boarded
and I don’t have any old photos. 
It was sad to see it that way,
but it’s good to have the wonderful memories
in mind of our fun mountain get-a-ways
that included
family and friends.  ♥


32 thoughts on “Childhood Cabin Haiku

  1. Julie Catherine

    What a lovely memory, Lauren – I really enjoyed reading about your childhood cabin; it reminded me of summers on the island, which were the happiest times of my own childhood. Thank you for bringing this back to me this morning. (And I’m sorry I haven’t been around, I was sick again for awhile, but am beginning to feel better the last couple of days.) ~ Love and hugs, Julie xoxox

    1. Thanks, Julie, and I’m so glad I could rekindle wonderful memories of your island times, too! It’s fun to reminisce, even though, I get teary-eyed most of the time. And no worries, just missed ya, sista! Glad you’re feeling better now, but take care of yourself! You is what matter’s the most! Sending hugs and love your way, too! xo

    1. That’s great, AJ, and I’m glad I could bring those memories back to you! It’s pretty surreal to reminisce and of course, I’m just a few years older than you! Ha,ha! Blessings to you and your family~

  2. This gave me “happy chills” of remembrance of my own childhood summers with “Family Camping Trips” spiked with sing-outs and firesides, and adventures into the woods. Beautiful poem and share, thank you, Lauren!

    1. Awww…I love “happy chills,” Linda, and I’m glad to be responsible for them, too! When I was young, my parents had the cabin, but after I married, my hubby introduced us to the outdoors via tent camping. So, I also have many great memories of when our kids were little and everything you mentioned! Good times to cherish in our hearts forever! Thank you so much, Linda, and sending “happy hugs!” xo

  3. I enjoyed your childhood adventure story in this haiku, Lauren. I had plenty during my Girl-Scouting days, as we frightened each other with tales of goblins, ghosts, dwarfs, fairies and witches ’round campfires and adventures into forests and caves. Thanks for this, my dear sis!

    1. I’m so glad you could relive your childhood through these haiku, Cynthia…you made me smile, too, thinking of all you young girls sitting around the campfire scaring each other with your tales! Love it! And you’re welcome, too, sis! Happy Friday! xoxo

  4. Blood-Ink-Diary

    As always, another beauty from you! Love it, Lauren. Been away from blog for weeks, it is great treat to return to read your inspiring blog! keep shining. xx

    1. Thanks so much, Shaheen, for your continuing kind comments! Glad to have you back! I took a break a few weeks ago (mainly from the computer) and it felt good, but it’s always great to come back to blogland, you and all the inspiration! Hugs and Blessings!

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