Book Reviews: Fantasy, Travel, and a Halloween treat!

I’ve enjoyed reading three books that not only entertained, but they educated as well, and kept me from doing chores around the house. 🙂 And I hope after you read my reviews, you’ll leave with a book or two or three! Forget the chores; they’re not going away anytime soon…….

D. Wallace Peach owns that special talent to create believable, sensational kingdoms in stories so captivating that I can’t put her books down. Her latest novel, The Necromancer’s Daughter, is no exception. While fantasy was never my preferred genre, Diana’s books have converted me. Her compelling storytelling sets her apart from other fantasy authors. In this new tale, Diana’s authentic world-building and characterization that either warmed my heart or made my blood boil kept me engaged once again. The expressive language in every paragraph portrayed a vivid scene where I felt as though I was watching the movie instead of reading the novel. And while I never gave dragons much thought, I will now……with a gentle regard. The main characters: Aster, Barus, Joreh, and Teko, had a special way of flowing into my heart generating empathy. I was immediately drawn to Aster’s charm and compassion, hoping she would find fulfillment once she reached the finish line of her journey.

Where battle and bloodshed are not devoid in this story, love, friendship, camaraderie, and a heartwarming father-daughter relationship, prove to deepen the tale as Aster stands by her convictions even when she knows the enemy deems them sinful. Of course, the grace of good struggles against the persistence of evil, and the characters are faced with life-changing decisions where the consequences don’t always present clarity. I tend to get emotional, so I found myself fighting back tears in some parts which surprised me. I didn’t expect to grow so attached to the female protagonist and her circle of support. But their feelings of love, anger, confusion, and realization were palpable on each page.

I absolutely loved this book – my favorite so far of Diana’s. The Necromancer’s Daughter was not only action-packed, but Diana wove magic into the tale, along with sweet and subtle romance. Highly recommended for all fantasy genre enthusiasts, and even those who aren’t but who are willing to be converted!

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The concept of Robbie Cheadle and her son, Michael, teaming up to create delightful and educational children’s books does not rest in its infant stages. Not only do they write entertaining stories that showcase Robbie’s incredible fondant, they also incorporate significant messages for the readers to assimilate. I’ve read several of their fabulous collaborations, so I had no doubt that Haunted Halloween Holiday would be just as adorable and clever.

This Halloween tale stars Count Sugular and his wife, Witch Honey. They are thrilled to be invited to a Halloween Party by the Sugarpop Bats, which they plan to attend, so they decide to hire a caravan for an enjoyable weekend with their family. I love how each character is introduced with its own cute and clever limerick, and the color photos of cake fondant to correspond with the story add great depth and are simply fabulous.

The characters’ appearance and their personalities are all expertly created by this mother-son duo. Not only is this book a perfect treat for children to read during Halloween, but as I mentioned before, the authors include underlying messages and lessons within the story that can be applied to real life. I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend for anyone, any age, who enjoys a Halloween treat of a great story and vital lessons to take away.

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Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral by Darlene Foster is my first book to read in Darlene’s Amanda series, and I was pleasantly surprised. Amanda is a twelve-year-old girl who loves to travel to different countries, and in this story, she is fortunate to visit Paris with her best friend, Leah, and Leah’s Aunt Jenny. I gather that Amanda has the innate ability to either invite trouble or trouble seeks her out! Sure enough, when peculiar things begin to happen, Amanda can’t let them go. The sleuth in her stays on the trail to the very end until the mystery is solved.

The characters are engaging and authentic and so is the flowing dialogue. As Amanda and Leah observe the many historical landmarks, so does the reader. And when they learn the backstory, the reader becomes enlightened as well. Darlene integrates into this tale the fire that broke out in the Notre Dame cathedral in April 2019. The reader ascertains this devastating news through the eyes and heart of Amanda, only to feel the same disappointing discovery and empathy. Yet, there’s more to the story…

Amanda in France may be intended for youth, but I found it to be entertaining and delightful. Amanda is a likable young girl that everyone will love to read about. That this series includes an educational element is a benefit for all ages. I look forward to reading more of her adventures, and I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a good mystery and loves to travel to faraway lands!

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Happy Reading!

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59 thoughts on “Book Reviews: Fantasy, Travel, and a Halloween treat!

  1. You write a good review, Lauren. I enjoyed them all. I’ve been reading Robbie’s books & The Necromancer’s Daughter is in my reader.

    Amanda in France sounds intriguing!
    Hope you are having a fab weekend! xo

    1. Thanks, Resa! I like to support other authors, so that’s nice to “hear.” I’m sure you’ll like Diana and Darlene’s book, too. They’re all really good! Thanks for showing your support. And I love the weekends! So, hope you’re having a fab one, also! 💞

    2. Thanks for checking out Lauren’s review, Resa. And I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the book whenever it rises to the top of your pile (no rush, of course.) Have a beautiful creative week, my friend.

  2. How fun to stop by this morning and find your beautiful review, Lauren. I’m so honored by your kind words and for giving the book a try, even though it’s not your go-to genre. And I love bringing my readers to tears. Lol. Honestly, knowing that you were moved warms my heart. And I’m delighted to share the post with Robbie and Darlene, two amazing authors. Have a wonderful Sunday and Huge hugs.

    1. You’re very welcome, Diana. This book is really my favorite that I’ve read of yours even though they’re all terrific. So, I enjoyed spreading the word. And I agree about Robbie and Darlene, too. Enjoy your Sunday and hugs to you also. ❤️

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  6. I really enjoy Diana’s writing style, and Necromancer’s Daughter is queueing quickly up the ol’ TBR list. It’s great to see Robbie and Michael teaming up again to create another delicious read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lauren.

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