I’m not sure what this would be called,
but my kids encouraged me to post it,
and my daughter, especially, liked it.
It’s a fun one, so I hope you enjoy it~

He: You’re easy on the eyes
She: I have to say likewise
He: Can I have your number?
She: Only if you’ll remember
He: Will you go out with me tomorrow night?
She: It would be a delight
He: The night was amazing
She: You have my heart racing
He: Can I kiss you goodnight?
She: I was hoping you might
He: Can I see you again?
She: I’d like that. When?
He: How about us together?
She: I’m thinking forever

Lauren Scott © 2012




Copyright 2012

88 thoughts on “FLIRTING FOREVER

  1. Caddo Veil

    Oh Lauren, this is SO wonderful–wish I’d written it!! It’s a “couplet” in more than just poetic form!! Really, I can’t get over how fun and romantic it is–you two are so blessed!!

  2. fantastic – love the way she starts of coy and comes round in the end – great performance piece – could I use this as part of a poetry seminar on relatioships – crediting you and referencing your blog?

      1. It’s on February 26th in istanbul -its an elt conference about rhythm, chants, poems for an audience of english teachers – usually 5-6 hundred – live but they do video it so I’ll try and get copy. thanks very much. there are two of us so that’s why I liked the dialogue aspect of this poem and as our theme I wanted to do it around the rhythm of life with particular reference to the nature of relationships so I’ve got some stories from nasreddin hoca, some folk tales and some poems – and your’s would be great as part of an introduction – thanks again, take care

  3. Lauren, you of the pure, loving heart always. You are the daughter my mother wish I was when at the age of this “flirting forever” poem. This poem is fun and yet wistfully reminding us of such innocent days! Bless you. We love you for keeping blogland so lovely and tender and hopeful a place.

  4. If I’d written this I would be quite happy with it. It seems to have been pretty well received too.I love the slightly mocking use of rhyme; it works brilliantly and successfully achieved. 😀

    1. Coming from you, Ben, this is a great complement! How I missed your comment two years ago is beyond me and I’m so sorry! But I always love your feedback! Have a great start to your week! 🙂

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