An Ugly Pattern

George Floyd display May 2020


Sparked by distress –

A wound never mended.

The days are not tearless. Have we

Not seen

those same hot flames from nightmares of

yesteryear’s pleading cries?

Let change take root.


spreading love in the neighborhood


The recent tragedy of George Floyd’s murder and the civil unrest that followed inspired me to jot down the various thoughts whirling around in my mind. I have more to say noted on the pages in my journal. But instead, I chose to try a another new form of poetry: a butterfly cinquain. So my words are few, but the message is huge.

Then yesterday on my walk with Copper, I came across these two displays – both profound and moving in their own ways. I couldn’t walk by without taking photos, so I give credit to my compassionate neighbors for acknowledging the ongoing injustice and the senseless murder of George Floyd, and for spreading much-needed love. This heart is one of many on a sidewalk that I admire everyday, and the collection began when Covid wormed its way into our lives. Even so, spreading the Love is part of the solution in every situation that brings pain. I thought this beautiful heart was a fitting end to what I’ve tried to convey. 

My heart is still heavy, but Hope for change is not lost. 💗

Lauren Scott (c) 2020

41 thoughts on “An Ugly Pattern

  1. The yearning of “Little Black Boy” by William Blake, written in 1789 is still in doldrums:
    “…And then I’ll stand and stroke his silver hair,
    And be like him and he will then love me.”
    The thought that haunts me at present is: How many centuries do we need for “change” and how dark is the path of “hope?”
    Both the pictures speak for themselves. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I appreciate your thoughts, Balroop, and I share the same concern with you. What I do know is that we can’t lose hope because if we do then all is lost and all will remain dark in more ways than one. Take care…💗🌷

    1. You’re welcome, Diane, and thank you for your kind words. We have to hang on to Hope, even if we feel it’s a very thin thread. I pray things calm down and justice will be served. 🌷

  2. Beautiful and strong message, my dear Lauren. If only each one of us tried to be better… with every moment, then there would be hope. Maybe it’s not too late. Thank you for this. 🙂 xoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Marina. I hope it’s not too late for change, but it is disheartening when this injustice has gone on for so long. We are One People!! Sending lots of love your way. We’re in another heat wave, too. Sigh… xoxo🌼🌼😊😊

  3. Your poem is beautiful, sad, and hopeful, Lauren. The murder of black and brown people has been going on for more than four centuries without penalty. Black lives matter. I do hope that we are finally going to deal with racism in the US. It’s so heartbreaking and the time for change is long long past. Be well, my friend. Thanks for caring. ❤

    1. Thanks, Diana. I appreciate your beautiful words. And I echo your hopes and wishes, too. It’s ridiculous how long this injustice has continued. I hope change is still possible. I want to believe that it is. Stay well, too. Hugs! 💗🌻

  4. Having travelled the world I can confirm racism and social injustice is alive and well in every part of the world. I hope and pray we as a human race can rise above that and see just how destructive it is for those who have no way to push back against injustice. We need to go beyond the talk and walk the talk and our leaders need to offer us guidance and hope as we make that necessary transition.

  5. It shames me that this country has not yet corrected centuries of civil rights abuses. I was a child then a teenager during the Civil Rights Movement, but haven’t moved one step closer to justice. I hope for peaceful protests but I get it – how long does anyone need to be on their feet, pleading for change, before they tire of standing still?

      1. Same with me. We have our jobs and health, so can’t complain. But like you, our daughter and fiance live in TN, so we’re unsure as to when we can or will feel comfortable flying. But as you said, if we’re all healthy, that’s what matters most.

  6. Beautiful heartfelt words dear Lauren, and yes these ancient wounds now resurface again to clear.. I have been sending Love via a meditation group into USA for Peace daily since this tragedy.. I also hear many police are taking the ‘knee’ in acknowledgement of what occurred…. My hopes and prayers are that through times of darkness, chaos and tragedy we can emerge stronger into the power of Unity and Love…
    I feel many are sending Love out and there are only a few minorities who are intent on trying to disrupt that Unity…
    May we all learn and grow in love together…. We need each other now more than at any other point in our timeline… So Thank YOU Lauren for spreading out your own ripples of love…. May it continue to spread far and wide..

    Love and Blessings Lauren.. take care and Much love ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thanks so much for your beautiful words, Sue. I agree that we need each other now more than ever. I came across this quote from Benjamin Franklin: “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” That’s it in a nutshell. Let’s hope positive change can and will happen even though this injustice has gone on for so long. And let’s keep spreading the love. Wishing you a peaceful start to your week, my friend. Hugs and love. xoxoxo

  7. Thank you Lauren for sharing these photos and beautiful poetry. As an empath, I too have felt the deep wounds and been processing. We all have love we can spread, that is what you are doing through this blog. Thank you Lauren. Many Blessings, Lisa xoxo

    1. Thanks for your lovely and compassionate words, Lisa. Let’s hope for a positive, peaceful change, even though it seems unattainable. The bottom line is the old adage: treat others as you would want others to treat you. Simple, but apparently not. Blessings and hugs to you, too, and wishing you a peaceful day. ❤

      1. You are welcome, Lauren. I was brought up to treat others how you want to be treated, also. I know many have not learned that lesson. I cannot change others but I can cultivate a peaceful heart, no matter what the circumstances are. This is where I focus my work right now. Much love, Lisa

  8. A beautiful, poignant post, Lauren. It’s all been just so horrible and unbelievable. Reminds me of events from the 60’s….thought we’d made progress since then, but it seems to be worse than ever. 😓💔

    1. Thanks, Betty, and I thought the same about progress, but now look all around. I almost feel like things are worse and getting scarier. Like a bubble that’s about to burst. 😦 Love and hugs to you! xo

  9. I’m glad to see people writing about this and shining the light. It’s god-awful what’s going on. I commend the protesters and hope they are relentless til change does happen. ❤

    1. Thanks, Debby. We have to hold onto hope and somehow find the light, even if it means squinting. Change is so long overdue that it’s truly appalling this is happening in this day and age. 💕

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