Each day, we search within ourselves to find beauty that soothes us during these pandemic times. I’ve always loved flowers and what they symbolize: New Life and Hope. But I’ve never had a green thumb – hubby has two for both of us. Given the fact that we’ve lived under a dismal cloud since March, blooms have been more dazzling than in past years. Did I value these precious gifts before? Or did I take them for granted? Have you wondered the same?

This weekend, I planted white alyssum and orange geraniums (of course, with the guidance of Mr. Hubby Green Thumb). Their brilliance enriches our landscape of pinks, purples, and reds. I’ll admit, though, the whole process was hard work, but I felt quite accomplished when the job was done. And when I gave them their first drink of water, it was as though I could hear them sigh…Now I have a better appreciation for those who find planting annuals and perennials cathartic.

We know beauty lies in many other forms, poetry for one, and recently, a friend sparked my interest in writing a Triolet poem, a form I’ve never dabbled in. So, because I’ve been profoundly drawn to flowers this year, below is my first Triolet attempt with them in mind…


They’ve graced us with their presence
But have we missed their shades in haste?
In this shelter are there lessons?
They’ve graced us with their presence
And mastered their attendance
With joy and beauty interlaced.
They’ve graced us with their presence
But have we missed their shades in haste?



I hope you enjoyed my Triolet and I’m sharing these blooms that were part of my Mother’s Day gifts from my husband. Lately, I’ve been into the vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds. Aren’t they gorgeous? 

The impact of Covid-19 has been different for all of us, but I hope you will search within to find some form of beauty each day to carry you through. Stay safe and well. 

Sending love and virtual hugs,
Lauren ❤❤❤

50 thoughts on “Searching…

  1. Beautiful blooms, Lauren! I’m pretty sure you too have green thumbs but sometimes it takes a change of norm to realize. I’ve been noticing mom’s of even my own plants and blooms throughout this odd period whereas normally I’d be enjoying nature away from home. If you think about it though beauty can be found everywhere! 😉😘😘😘😘😘

    1. Thanks, Marina, and if I do, they haven’t shown their colors yet. 🙂 I think many are feeling the same way about blooms while we persevere through Covid. And you are so right in that beauty can be found everywhere. We just need to keep our eyes open to it, especially in circumstances that stomp on our spirits, pushing them lower and lower. Sending you much love and wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! 🌼❤🌼❤🌼❤🌼

  2. Your lovely poem reminded me of those oft-repeated lines of W.H. Davies:
    “What is this life if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare.”
    At least we have that time now!
    Whenever I look at blossoms, they seem to smile at me and say… “be happy” They soothe the heart and the soul, effortlessly and wither… mute messages Mother Nature sends to us.
    Thank you for making my morning so pleasant Lauren.

    1. Oh, Balroop, thank You for such a lovely comment and comparison to W.H. Davies. You’re right, we do have time now, which is why I’ve heard so many convey the same feelings, that the blossoms are more vibrant this year. They do have a way of saying, “be happy” don’t they? Thanks again and your beautiful words are a positive beginning to my day. 💗🌻

  3. I’m glad you decided to try the triolet. It is beautiful! Flowers are so calming, whether you’re planting them or sitting back and enjoying them. When we downsized, we not only chose a small patio home, we opted for a small yard as well. Just the same, I still plant perennials to watch from year to year and I pop annuals in the pots on the patio and next to the front door. Every morning nothing gives me more pleasure than going out to see what bloomed and grew. It’s even better than that first cup of coffee.
    Your flowers are so vibrant and absolutely gorgeous. Stay safe! This will eventually end if we are all smart about wearing masks, washing our hands, and are careful about social distancing. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks, Michelle! It’s always fun to try a new poetry form, even if it is challenging. I can envision your beautiful yard and friendly flowers on your patio. They are calming and I know I’ve changed, because now, I’m eager to give them a drink of water in the heat. It hurts to think of them suffering and thirsty. I’m saying this because we’re currently in a heat wave, so they are all staying watered and happy. That first cup of coffee is good, though, isn’t it? 🙂 Thanks for your kind words about the flowers and poem. And I agree with you regarding this crisis…Love and hugs, my friend 🥰🥰🥰

    1. Thanks, Jill, about the poem and blooms – orange is a new favorite color for me. I’ve always loved pinks and purples, still do, but the oranges, reds, and yellows are just so “happy!” 🙂 Enjoy your day!

  4. I agree with you, Lauren. I, too, have found blooms more dazzling than in past years. Part of me thinks it is because I have more time to be aware of my surroundings. Yet, the colours are more vibrant. The air feels fresher and cleaner.

    I do enjoy your writing, Lauren! Thank for a beautiful Triolet (new word) poem.❤️

    1. If my memory is correct, Erica, you did a flower post recently that was gorgeous. I remember you feeling the same way, and I think many are on the same page this year for obvious reasons. Thanks for your kind words about my writing, that’s always encouraging to hear, and I’m glad you liked my first Triolet attempt. Take care. 💗🌷

  5. You’ve expressed your joy in appreciating the beauty of your gardens very well. In spite of the ugliness we increasingly see in the world around us if we practice looking for beauty and goodness we’ll always find it there 🙂

  6. This is a wonderful post, Lauren. 🌹
    Not sure what a Triolet is…. but your poem is a more beautiful Violet!
    Flowers do have powers…. and petals. Love your petals!

    1. Thanks, Resa! And I’m glad you liked the Triolet, and more beautiful than a Violet? Why, thank you! I feel that I succeeded in my first attempt. 🙂 I agree, flowers sure do have powers! Calming, joyful, pick-me-up powers! Sending virtual hugs! 💓🌸💓🌸💓🌸

  7. Just beautiful Lauren… Flowers are mothers natures gifts… They are there at our birth, our birthdays,our weddings our anniversaries, along with our sorrows… The moment a bloom is picked it gives its ultimate sacrifice.. It gives it life, so we may receive its joy..

    Your flowers are beautiful Lauren as is your poem… And I agree with you… May we all take a gift away with us in appreciation of life, freedom and mother nature…
    For like the song says..’ We don’t know what we’ve got till its gone… They paved paradise and put up a parking lot..’

    Sending love and well wishes my friend ❤

    1. Thanks so much, Sue. You said it well insofar that flowers are with us for every main event in our lives, mostly joyful, but in sad times, too. Even in those, I find the blossoms and their cool tones calming. And your comment on them sacrificing life so we may receive its joy…perfect!
      I’m glad you found this post enjoyable with its blooms and poetry. I love that song, too, profound message in those lines.
      Sending much love and light to you! xoxo

  8. This was a thoughtful and uplifting post, Lauren. So lovely to hear you gave planting a go. Hopefully the white alyssum and orange geraniums will bloom at some point. They must have appreciated your kindness to water them 🙂 Also so creative of you to dabble in Triolet poetry and turned out very timely. Really like this line, ‘And mastered their attendance’ – flowers bloom according to seasons when we’re not watching. It’s uncertain times we live in, and agree COVID-19 is different for each of us. Hope you are doing well and take care.

    1. Thanks, Mabel. I’m glad you found the blooms and poem uplifting. This is a good time for positivity, isn’t it? The flowers do have blooms but they’re tiny for now. I can’t wait to see them thriving. I actually liked that line, too. 😉 The flowers are always “there” for us if we take the time to appreciate their presence. And I appreciate you stopping by, too. All is well with my family and hope you’re faring as well during this strange time. Stay safe! 🌼🥰

  9. Love the triolet poem Lauren, Ive never heard of that style of poetry before. The flowers are beautiful and yes we are all having to find beauty in places unseen before. Life is difficult for me at the moment although I havent felt ready to write about it. Being out with my camera in the fresh air is a real tonic and beaty is all around if we have time to look and find it.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Allison. That format was new to me, too. There’s a certain rhyming pattern that you have to adhere to. It was fun to try, so I encourage you to give it a shot someday. Just google the format. 🙂 I’m sorry to hear things are tough for you right now. Covid is affecting everyone in different ways. Maybe soon, you’ll feel like writing, even in a journal, penning your feelings can be cathartic. I agree with you about being in the fresh air, taking photos of the beauty around us. I wish there was something I could do, but for now, I’ll send virtual hugs. Hope they bring some cheer along with the blooms. Take care of you and be well. 💗🌻

  10. Those flowers are stunning, Lauren! The orange shade is so unusual, though I really like yellow flowers. . .and red . . .and white . . .and pink. . .and purple. 😀. I’ve been looking for beauty in nature for the past few months, too.

  11. The blooms and triolet are gorgeous and bright Lauren. BTW guess what I watched last night – yup. Funny Girl. Doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, it pulls at my heartstrings ❤

    1. Thanks, Debby, I’m glad you enjoyed. I’m working on a Cinquain now, trying to venture out into the unknown world of poetry formats. 🙂 And now, I wanna watch Funny Girl! Maybe I will this weekend. It does the same for me, too, and her singing still brings goosebumps. Have a good day! ❤

    1. Haha, you made me laugh when I read about the non germy hugs. But in these days, it’s no laughing matter, is it? 🙂 Thanks so much, Kavitha, and yes, my hubby spoils me with flowers. I just love them. And those same baskets are really thriving. They’re truly enjoyable and happy. Sending virtual hugs back! 💗💗💗😊

    1. Thanks, and I think when things are “normal” it’s easy to take things for granted. The blooms this year have been a bright beacon through all the haze of uncertainty.

      1. So true. In my morning walks I am now appreciating not only trees and the plants but birds too. The birds seem to be chirping a melodious orchestra and every morning a new melody 🎵

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