19 thoughts on “Distant Hearts

    1. Actually, this is fiction…my hubby has been home sick with pneumonia for two weeks…but, thank you so much for your lovely words, Rose…I had in mind those long distance relationships that many try to sustain~

  1. “you’re as close to me as my breath…your touch I won’t forget” -so beautiful. I’ve been scanning your work and I notice the rhythm within your assonance… it is always very lovely and very, very natural. It allows you to control the reader and comfortably slips them the mood that you create with such a peaceful yet mournful/sometimes conflicted tone (depending on the poem). Many of your poems are as heartfelt as this, which I very much appreciate. In fact, I strive to achieve that same smooth, flowing, natural, and encompassing affect in my own work.

    1. I am truly moved by your kind thoughts and insight, Elena…thank you so much! I am just a middle aged woman writing from my heart, so your complement is very touching to me! I’m very behind on reading posts right now, but will visit you as soon as I can…take care, Lauren 🙂

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