Your gaze touches me
Can you feel my heart beating?
I feed on dreams of us
to escape the pain I’m feeling

 I envy oceans’ waves
when they caress the shore
Your loving embrace I miss
how I long for when we were

 Time is my enemy, though
for it moves slow as honey
but sweet memories of your kisses
remain my true company

 One heart, one mind we’ll be
and I’ll see life in color again
for now, my head lies on your pillow
with love for you I can’t explain

© LScott 2013






Distant Hearts

Though many miles lie between
You’re as close to me as my breath
Feeling your warmth upon my face
Your touch I won’t forget
Longing days turn into ebony
Thoughts of you consume my mind
With open arms, I step inside
No truer love I’ll ever find

© LScott 2012