She has only one mission
With state aid in hand
To buy the prettiest cake
Then she tries not to listen

As they snicker and whisper
Like in a bubble
Tunnel vision blinds them
To the entire picture

Callous words cut to her core
Deploring their conjectures
She strongly pushes forward
For her darling little girl

Through their mean masquerading
How would they know
Her daughter battles cancer
Inside she’s justly aching

Six flames may truly be
The most she’ll ever wish over
While sustaining her composure
Mommy does what’s necessary

Longing to silence heartless voices
As with a bar of soap
She contains her emotions
And follows through with choices

Them and the frosty grocer
They’re not worth the stress
Her daughter needs her home
This trip is brought to closure

Copyright 2012

This is based on a true story
and proves just how wrong
unfair assumptions can be~
heartbreaking circumstances.

54 thoughts on “UNFAIR ASSUMPTIONS

  1. fivereflections

    sometimes the faceless crowds are truly heartless, and some are even puppets, and haven’t a clue what their cruel words mean, because they are words they have heard their loving parents say over and over again about a neighbor, or a stranger..

    i’ve enjoyed reading this wonderful post.

    david in Maine USA

    1. Thank you so much, David…I appreciate your comment and these circumstances are very sad, all around…how people can be so hurtful without remorse is difficult for me to comprehend~

      On a happier note, have a wonderful Friday!

  2. Julie Catherine

    Lauren, this really tugged at my heartstrings and my heart aches reading this. Thank you for writing such a heart-wrenching poem. If only … people would not judge. If only … they would see what lies beyond the surface. If only … their hearts could hold love and compassion. If only …

    ~ Julie xoxox

    1. I know; sorry to make you sad, Maiya, my heart broke when I heard this story and felt the need to share awareness of how words can hurt when the truth is unknown~ Have a great day today! 🙂

  3. Caddo Veil

    Absolutely! And as angry as it makes me, because I’ve been the victim of those looks and whispers–I suspect I’ve been guilty myself, and that’s a harsh truth to face. There’s really no excuse for such heartlessness–the only thing I can share is what I learned from Joyce Meyer: “Hurting people, hurt people”. We all need compassion, and we all need to guard against reactive judgmental attitudes and actions/words. Thank you for the poem–it’s sad, but also an excellent reminder lesson.

    1. J, I’m fine…I wrote this after hearing a story from a friend and yes, it broke my heart, so I wanted to share how unfair accusations can hurt and be so off base from the true story…that’s all, sorry so sad, but thank you so much for your concern. Hugs back to you! 🙂

    1. I know, sorry this was so sad, but I felt the need to share~I’m sure most have said things that shouldn’t have been said, but then, there are worse levels of hurt…thanks for commenting, Gabby~tomorrow, will be a happier post; you’ll see why! 🙂

  4. Heartbreaking, very visual and expressed from true marks. Sadly, you speak for others as well, many with no voice, and silenced by such constant judgment of a society that is quick to measure. Thank you for this one,

  5. Its heartbreaking …lot goes on in ones life but people just assume what they think is what is true… this society needs to scrub their mind from time to time for clarity in thoughts and actions

    1. Sorry to make you tear up, Deb, but it broke my heart when I heard it, so I just felt the need to share~tomorrow, I’ll post something on a happier note! Hugs to you this Friday evening! 🙂

  6. Bless you, dear, dear Lauren for posting this true story about the damage false assumptions can cause. In our family we have an about-to-be 14 year old niece who has multiple disabilities and has been on SSI since the age of 8 months! Her mother has a “state” provided mobile phone and a “state provided” insurance card and a “state” provided food stamp debit card. This purchase of the birthday cake reminds me of our own preparations for “appropriate” food and gifts with which to celebrate this niece’s 14th birthday! This story needs to be spread all over the world!

    1. Oh, Rose, your comment touched me; I can’t believe this is so close to home for you and your family~well, it’s a blessing to be a Mom who cares enough to push forward through the cruelty to bring the most simple happiness to her child, a birthday cake~I wish your niece a wonderful 14th birthday, with much love and happiness. I’m sure she’ll receive an abundance, knowing you, alone, Rose~ I wasn’t sure about posting this, but thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words~Hugs to you!

  7. How dare *any* of us judge each other for misfortune, good fortune or *any* assumption we make about the conditions of others’ lives and souls. A touchingly told tale that should make us all strive to be kinder, tenderer, more thoughtful.

  8. This shit happens all the time — to “fat” people, disabled people — the list goes on and on. Beautiful, well written poem. On that note, I am Compelled to say: If you don’t see yourself in this poem, remember KARMA is a Bitch! Excuse my rant, but stuff like this really upsets me.

    1. It’s okay to rant, I understand and as I mentioned “above” we’re all human and make mistakes, but some are just very cruel…thanks for your complement, though, I struggled with this one and I’m glad it turned out alright~

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