Flowers bloom
Bees buzz
Red bellied robins sing
just because

Crickets chirp
Frogs croak
Butterflies gracefully float
around the majestic oak

Wind blows
Trees sway
Ladybugs save the gardens
hunting their prey

Earth moves
Ocean splashes
Thunder loudly rumbles
while lightning flashes

Nature entertains
Abundantly each day
Life’s colors and compositions
God’s gifts we praise

© LScott 2012


  1. Oh lovely nature is so full of magic and dreams. just stand on my balcony and look around and it fill my heart and soul with wonderment and joy…
    what a beautiful poem Lauren
    hugs and love

  2. I love the poem it makes me feel I am in the middle of the garden while savoring the sounds of the birds singing around me, truly natures is God gifts we need to be thank and nurtured…

  3. Another uplifting and inspiring poem, Lauren. (I’ve been so far behind in my blog reading – glad to be finally catching up with your latest – they’re all great!) Thank you for sharing your love and light, my friend. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Betty! I just rec’d 9 notifications from you! You go Girl! 🙂
      I honestly don’t know how to stay caught up, either, without blogging 24/7, which I can’t do. So, I know how you feel and I appreciate you coming by and writing such lovely words! Sending hugs your way and breathe! xx

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