New Beginning

The first day of spring
has come and gone
and only a speck
of sun has shown

Instead, tears fall
from the sky at dawn
and leaves remain

Lauren Scott © 2016

(For those of you who read my previous post,
you’ll know that poetry inspiration has been nil.
These words recently came to me though, and I
hope you enjoy.)


28 thoughts on “New Beginning

    1. Your insight is wonderful, Ian, and so true. Your comment proves that poems can be perceived in various ways. And I love the depth in which you dove into after reading this, so thank you!

  1. Loved it Lauren! Catching up on your work today! Congrats on your book too and praying blessings on it as well as all your endeavors!


  2. Lovely poem, Lauren. Spring has been slow in coming, but the daffodils and the flowering trees say it has finally arrived, even though Mr. Sun hasn’t been convinced. Hugs, dear Lauren.

    1. Thanks, Michelle! This poem came from the one little drop of inspiration I had, and the sun finally came out today. 🙂 Sending hugs your way, my friend, and it’s good to see you!

  3. I try to bring myself to new beginnings now and then and not necessarily connected to any occasion or time of year. Not anything earth shattering but even if just to add a little oxygen to my outlook.

    1. Thanks so much, Don, for your kind, kind words. I’m checking in but not returning yet. I honestly don’t think I will be because I’m focusing on classes right now, along with family, etc. Who knows? But it’s been great meeting you and I feel the same way when I read your poetry! Take care and I hope life has had you happily engaged and not stressed…

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