The Season’s Spirit


Guilt overshadows the season’s joy
when others’ loss becomes prevalent
They wish for a miracle of healing
their spirits hang on a thread so delicate

When will the blood stop shedding?
What will keep mouths from starving?
Do you hear it where you are?
The noise of despair is jarring

Is it so simple to say a prayer
for their anguish to be calmed
for love to hug their weary souls
for all to feel a connected bond?

~Lauren Scott © 2017
Photo: Google

This season of Magic, Miracles, and Faith isn’t joyous for everyone; for many it’s a Blue Christmas. So, may the Spirit find itself embracing all people, but especially those who are dealing with stress or depression from tragedy, and may Peace weave its way into their hearts, minds, and lives. Let us remember the Vision of “Goodwill to All Men.”

I’ll be away from blogging through the holiday weekend, so I wish you all a Christmas filled with an abundance of Love, Joy, and Peace. And a Big “Thank You” to all of you – both old and new friends – for your continued support here on WP.
~With Love, Lauren 💝




Magical News

Hello Everyone,

On November 30th, I reposted “Misty” because I
was feeling overwhelmed from a heavy weight on my family’s shoulders.
We’ve recently received the wonderful news that what we were fearing,
isn’t going to occur.  Not only do we feel “lighter” but we are extremely grateful
for this news, especially during this joyful season.
I want to thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts.
You’ll never know just how much they meant…
Today, I have no new poem, however,
I believe this calls for the repost of “Elation”
from December 11th~

I wish you all a very magical Friday!

Singing with the birds
outside the window
Belting out the words
in the acoustical shower
in or out of tune

Dancing barefoot
on the blanket of grass
Flying beside the butterflies
Humming with the buzz
of the bumble bees

Floating with the stars
Riding the Milky Way to Mars
Swinging on the moon
from one crescent
to the next

What a world of bliss
if we could all experience
this magical happiness

Copyright 2011

Dear God…

I thank You for every day

Each day is a new breath taken

If, at times, my voice is not heard

Please don’t feel forsaken


You are not forgotten

You’re in my daily prayers

Moments I should lean on You

The One who resides upstairs


It’s effortless in this “busy-ness”

To become extremely diverted

To pointless things needing my focus

And leaving You deserted


Still, I thank You for guiding me,

Shining light on my journey’s way

And while I may question the path

From You I will never stray