The Season’s Spirit


Guilt overshadows the season’s joy
when others’ loss becomes prevalent
They wish for a miracle of healing
their spirits hang on a thread so delicate

When will the blood stop shedding?
What will keep mouths from starving?
Do you hear it where you are?
The noise of despair is jarring

Is it so simple to say a prayer
for their anguish to be calmed
for love to hug their weary souls
for all to feel a connected bond?

~Lauren Scott © 2017
Photo: Google

This season of Magic, Miracles, and Faith isn’t joyous for everyone; for many it’s a Blue Christmas. So, may the Spirit find itself embracing all people, but especially those who are dealing with stress or depression from tragedy, and may Peace weave its way into their hearts, minds, and lives. Let us remember the Vision of “Goodwill to All Men.”

I’ll be away from blogging through the holiday weekend, so I wish you all a Christmas filled with an abundance of Love, Joy, and Peace. And a Big “Thank You” to all of you – both old and new friends – for your continued support here on WP.
~With Love, Lauren 💝




39 thoughts on “The Season’s Spirit

    1. You’re welcome, Betty, and thank you for your beautiful comment. I struggle between feeling thankful and happy with my family, etc., but then I think of all the people who have experienced loss in many ways this year by just watching the news that it’s beyond heartbreaking. And then of course knowing what some family and friends are going through….anyway, thinking of you this holiday. Hugs 💕

    1. Thanks so much, Shian! The 4 of us had a wonderful day in San Francisco yesterday, and we look forward to more fun today with other family. Wishing you a blessed Christmas. 💕

    1. Thanks, Ian, and I bet you’ve had a fabulous time with your grand kids. There’s nothing more special and profound than viewing Christmas through the eyes of a child. I’ll send you early Happy New Year wishes then! 🙂 💗🎉

  1. Beautiful tender sentiment and wishes…may it be so. For many a very difficult time of year and not to be forgotten.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful and peaceful Christmas, Lauren! 🎄

    1. Thanks, Annika. It was hard to not think of those whose holidays are difficult to simply “survive.” We had a wonderful Christmas and are taking one more day off before heading back to work. 🙂 I hope yours was just as wonderful, too. Hugs ❤

      1. So true, Lauren and I read about the Christmas dinner at Euston station for 200 homeless people yesterday when it was closed and the concourse laid with tables and food. I think that is wonderful but then these people have to return to the streets – and my sorrow is even deeper.

        Personally I’ve had a wonderful relaxing time, full of joy and peace…I don’t want it to end! hugs xxx

      2. That is wonderful, but then reality continues for them and it’s so heartbreaking – I agree with you. I’m glad you’ve had a wonderful time; mine has been the same, actually, one of the best Christmases, yet. I’m going back to work for two days, then off on Friday. Happy New Year, my friend, and many hugs to you, too. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I’m finding it harder to stay joyful when so many others are suffering because of tragedies, such as fires, shootings, etc. Not to mention those who are alone, homeless, and starving. And so this poem came to be…
      But my Christmas was just wonderful and probably one of the best. Although my sisters and I missed not having our parents with us for the first Christmas…
      I hope yours was filled with joy and peace, as well, and I wish you an amazing new year, too! Love and hugs, my friend…

      1. That first Christmas after a loss is so difficult. My heart is with you this season. With our 4-year-old granddaughter bouncing around going from one new toy to the next and our 9-month-old granddaughter more interested in the bows and shiny wrapping paper than her new toys, we had a wonderful day. Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year. Love and hugs.

      2. Thanks, Michelle. I appreciate that…your granddaughters sound absolutely adorable, so I can understand the wonderful time you’re having. Wishing you the same for the New Year, too, and thanks for friendship and support here, also. Big hugs and lots of love!

    1. Thanks, Christy, and I send you all the same! You are a bright light to this blogging world, and I’m happy to be a part of it, and to have your ongoing support, as well. Big hugs, my friend xoxox

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