Heebie Jeebies

Arachnophobia has had a grip on me since I was a young child, but I can’t recall exactly why. I only know the effects are real when spiders of all sizes have caused unwanted anxiety in my life. I’m not afraid of their bite or that they’ll hurt me, though. They indescribably creep me out with their eight legs, and if they’re hairy, the heebie jeebies escalate! 

Over the years, I’ve dealt with common house spiders like most of us do that I’m sure aren’t harmful. They have a tendency to pop out of nowhere and scare the living daylights out of me. One memorable event happened years ago that was anything but common…

I had noticed a big dark spot on the carpet while turning off the lights one night. I wondered what it was, and although I hesitated, I almost reached down to touch it. I’m ever so thankful I chose not to because I probably would’ve had a heart attack! So, I turned on the light and said a four-letter-word that caught my husband’s attention. Even though he doesn’t share my fear, he was surprised to find that big guy in our house. He also said that it looked like a California tarantula, harmless. Okay, first of all, how the heck did it get in the house? And harmless was a good thing. With a glass, he scooped it out and transported it outside where it belonged. Now, over time, my fear has calmed down. I’ve even saved a few. 

Fast forwarding now, a few nights ago, we found a big spider (uglier than normal) hanging out on the bottom of our bedroom door just as we were turning out the lights at the end of our day. Another nighttime adventure. It wasn’t a common house spider, and where the heck did it come from? Of course, I got my husband a glass again so he could place the arachnid in its proper outdoor accommodations. I could’ve done the glass thing, too, like I’ve done in the past. But…

I was so freaked out that it took me a while to finally fall asleep. My imagination fell into overtime, and my heart was beating fast. Clearly, this fear took control even though I tried deep breathing and thinking of the first happy song that came to mind…Jingle Bells. 🙂 (no explanation on that one)
In the meantime, my husband was so tired that he fell asleep seconds later. Thanks, Honey!

I finally caught some winks, but it was a toss-and-turn night where I just couldn’t erase that visual, and on our door, no less. Maybe it was another common house spider, but there was nothing common looking about this one. It also goes to show that fear becomes magnified at nighttime. When it’s dark out, when the sun isn’t shining its light and warmth, things that scare us become less controllable, less manageable.

For the days following that frightful event, the sun has been shining; it’s felt like spring even though winter needs to visit more, and I’m okay. I had a bad case of the heebie jeebies that night, which proved that even though my arachnophobia had calmed, there could be circumstances where it flares up more than I want it to. Since then, I’ve shed those heebie jeebies to the best of my ability.

Do you share this same creepy-crawly fear? 🙂
Do you have a different fear that you struggle with? 

p.s. No photos for this post, and I’m sure you understand. 🙂


31 thoughts on “Heebie Jeebies

  1. Adnama72.wordpress.com

    I do. I don’t like sudden loud noises hence I do not like fireworks that bang or balloons when popped anything like that, that makes me jumpy. (The no pictured unmentionable creatures don’t not bother me if I am aware of them. )

    1. I can see why loud noises make you jumpy. I’m sure most of us have some type of fear that we have to learn to live with. It’s great that spiders don’t bother you, but I think the key phrase you used is “if I am aware of them.” 🙂 And even though my fear has calmed for the most part, I can’t really look at pictures of them. Heebie Jeebies once again. Anyway, thanks for chiming in, and have a good day!

  2. I have the spider removal duty in our house. It seems like this last year has had a bumper crop of the little darlings. Yesterday I was in the garden and walked right into a spider web that was across the path. Yuck – at least the maker of the web wasn’t home.

    1. You’re a brave one, Andrew, but little darlings has never been my nickname for them. 🙂 Yuck is right, and that’s happened to me before where I do the Heebie Jeebie dance for a few minutes, checking to see if the web maker is on me. Glad he wasn’t home when you visited, and thanks for adding to this delightful topic. 🙂

  3. Lauren, I have the same phobia with spiders. Can’t bear to kill them though, so we too catch and release. The smaller ones I can do it but my husband has to catch the larger ones. Actually the heebie-jeebies aren’t quite as bad as they used to be and I love watching them spinning their webs. Outside!

    How about snakes? The very word makes me want to flee. Can’t stand to see pictures of them either. Ack! 😱

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone with this phobia, Betty. I used to kill them (sorry), but then my daughter began saving them like my hubby, so I had to follow suit. And I’ve saved a couple of big ones when no one was home. I had to be brave. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. 🙂 I have gotten better, but I guess events like this past one can still stir up the fear. You’re right, too, they belong outside!
      As to snakes, I don’t like them either, but I don’t worry about them because they’re not in my everyday life. Although, when we camped last year, there was a small garter snake by the toilet in a bathroom when I walked in. There was no way I was staying, so I quietly stepped out and shut the door. I wonder what happened to that little guy. They’re harmless, but still, they leave us with that slimy, slithery effect. Ironically, I’ve always been intrigued viewing any reptiles behind glass, and photos don’t bother me. But, I can’t look at spider photos, not yet, and maybe not ever. 😲😬😳

  4. My wife can relate to that. Not only spiders but lizards. Both perform a necessary function around the home keeping vermin under control but some people are frightened by the look of them. Some of them do look sinister. lol

    1. I’m sure you’re the hero, as well, Ian. I know spiders are good in many ways, but I can’t seem to overcome the creepy part. Lizards have never bothered me though because we had a cabin during my childhood where they were abundant in the mountains. I got used to them and even tried to capture them. And you’re right, some do look sinister. Thanks for adding to this creepy-crawly conversation!

    1. Good thing you don’t have to worry about them, Ben. As I told Betty, I don’t like them, but I don’t worry about them either because they’re not in my everyday life. Spiders are and have a habit of popping out of nowhere just about giving me a heart attack. I’ve also been fascinated by reptiles, but only if they’re behind glass. It’s funny you mentioned zoos, too. Of course, I went as a child, and we took our children when they were young. But now that we’re older, our feelings have changed. I suppose zoos are beneficial if animals can’t be in their own natural habitat for health reasons and are compassionately taken care of… Well, this is a conversation for another post, I think. 🙂 Anyway, watch out for snakes, and thanks for chiming in!

  5. I’m not afraid of anything like that, and spiders do control a lot of other harmful pests. There are even some pretty cute ones. But a lot of people seem to be afraid of spiders more than other insects (I know spiders are not insects).

      1. Haha, well, Charlotte’s Webb does come to mind, but that’s about it. Maybe I’ll do some googling though. 😊
        You can’t run out of chocolate on the biggest chocolate day! 🍫🍫🍫

  6. Thank you for sharing, Lauren.

    We all have our fears – phobias. And sometimes, these magnify when the sun goes down.

    My childhood friend, a lovely girl who grew up into an even more lovely lady, was afraid of stuffed dolls. I recall the day, we ten-year-olds were horsing about and I threw a doll at her.


    But she screamed so loud, it shocked me no end. She was one girl who never – never – played with dolls.

    All good wishes,

    1. It’s amazing how perspective changes when the sun goes down, and I do understand your friend’s fear. It’s kind of along the same lines as clowns. 🙂 How many horror films have dolls sitting on a shelf…creepy…or coming to life? I know I can’t look at them! And what happened to the happy clown image? Now they’re pretty darn scary. I actually never played with dolls, either, except for Barbies. Anyway, Eric, thanks for sharing your story, too.

  7. My fear of spiders started to dissipate after we moved into our house and always encountered them and yes, I too got good at the glass technique! One we named George, so huge and it would make a fleeting appearance as we sat and watched TV! Wasps drive me barmy…they instinctively wreck havoc on picnics, lunches outside and whilst out swimming! Ouch! Lauren, understandably no photos!! Xxxxx

    1. Oh, Annika, to think you named a spider, and a big one to boot! Yikes! I envy you for not fearing them though, and can understand about wasps. I don’t like those, either, along with yellow jackets, for the same reasons. Yep, no photos on this post. Imagination is wild enough! 🙂 xoxoxo

  8. I know it’s weird, but I am fascinated with spiders, though I much prefer they stay out of my house. For some reason, spiders (chiggers and mosquitos, too) love me a bit too much. Whenever I work in my flower garden I get bitten by wolf spiders. Chiggers seem to multiply on me before they settle in and cause me to look much like I have the measles. Mosquitos target me when no one else is getting bitten.
    Though it doesn’t give me the heebie-jeebies, my greatest fear that will keep me up all night is of losing another child. Once that fear makes its appearance, it takes on a life of its own and I am powerless to stop it. Love and hugs, dear Lauren.

    1. I wouldn’t say that it’s weird, Michelle, because I’m fascinated by reptiles, as long as they’re behind glass or enclosed. 🙂 But, my fear of spiders is probably a big factor of not having a passion for gardening. My mom and sisters love it. I’m the black sheep, I guess. But being bitten by wolf spiders? Heebie Jeebies!
      When I was young, mosquitoes loved me, too. I used to have pink polka dotted legs from the calamine lotion my mom put on me for the bites. Now, they don’t really bother me.
      All joking aside, my heart aches for you so much. I don’t know how you feel because I haven’t walked in your shoes, but you know our future holds big question marks. So, I understand feeling powerless to the fear. For me, it’s the fear of not knowing and the fear of what could happen. And living in this time of frequent violence, how can parents not worry about their children, especially with the latest tragedy in Florida? Anyway, Much Love and Many Hugs to you, too, and thank you for adding to this conversation with your honesty. xoxox

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