Magical News

Hello Everyone,

On November 30th, I reposted “Misty” because I
was feeling overwhelmed from a heavy weight on my family’s shoulders.
We’ve recently received the wonderful news that what we were fearing,
isn’t going to occur.Β  Not only do we feel “lighter” but we are extremely grateful
for this news, especially during this joyful season.
I want to thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts.
You’ll never know just how much they meant…
Today, I have no new poem, however,
I believe this calls for the repost of “Elation”
from December 11th~

I wish you all a very magical Friday!

Singing with the birds
outside the window
Belting out the words
in the acoustical shower
in or out of tune

Dancing barefoot
on the blanket of grass
Flying beside the butterflies
Humming with the buzz
of the bumble bees

Floating with the stars
Riding the Milky Way to Mars
Swinging on the moon
from one crescent
to the next

What a world of bliss
if we could all experience
this magical happiness

Copyright 2011

60 thoughts on “Magical News

  1. Very happy to hear things turned out well, this news is wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with us. Lauren, this is one of my favorite poems of yours, but I do love them all. πŸ™‚

  2. Angela

    What a beautiful poem, Lauren, and I’m so pleased for you. May light continue to shine upon you and your readers are all blessed that it shines from you. πŸ™‚ (((hugs)))

  3. Warrior Poet Wisdom

    Glad to hear you’re in highers spirits now.

    I’m reminded of a story from Way of the Peaceful Warrior:

    An old man and his son worked a small farm, with only one horse to pull the plow. One day, the horse ran away.
    “How terrible,” sympathized the neighbors. “What back luck.”
    “Who knows whether it is bad luck or good luck,” the farmer replied.
    A week later, the horse returned from the mountains, leading five wild mares into the barn.
    “What wonderful luck!” said the neighbors.
    “Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?” answered the old man.
    The next day, the son, trying to tame one of the horses, fell and broke his leg.
    “How terrible. What bad luck!”
    “Bad luck? Good luck?”
    The army came to all the farms to take the young men for war, but the farmer’s son was of no use to them, so he was spared.
    “Good? Bad?”

    Peace & grace,

  4. BlueGem

    That’s right! Today I choose to be happy πŸ˜€ After all, I have so many things to be grateful for this year: life, love, career, family, friends, health, sanity … and the list goes on. I guess it’s no coincidence that the daily devotional guide I read this morning focused on joy πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing Lauren. My prayer is that your joy may be full. blessings always ~

    1. I’m so happy for you, too, BG, to have such a long list of blessings. No, maybe it was no coincidence that today was simply one for much joy! Thanks for reading, sharing your blessings and for your well wishes! Blessings to you, too! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, it’s easier to breathe now! πŸ™‚ Thank so much, Dianda! I’ll be over your way soon; for some reason, even though I’m following you, I don’t receive your new posts. I haven’t figured that one out, yet, because I’ve noticed it with others I’m subscribed to, also…:)

  5. The Lord has strangest ways, to give gifts..
    Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away.. I’m glad he chose to take away the foreseen sorrow… hope you have a joyous and a blessed season.

  6. What a wonderful affirmation of life’s blessings…especially in contrast to the cares it can give us.

    I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and liking a couple of my posts. So nice to see you there, and to be directed to your work and reflections which I have only just begun to investigate.

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