Missing Piece

Though glowing rays
warm my window panes
I function in a daze
my nights remain cloudy
I dream only in grays
and when I reach for your hand
feeling only the sheets
my heart shatters once again
adding another piece

 to the pile in my mind
of brokenness from the past
promises flowing
down the river
crashing with a splash
I miss your eyes
how they touched
deep into my soul
and how your loving words
made my heart whole

 but I’ll find worthiness
on a dusty shelf
and lying beside it
will be the strength I seek
for even without your love
I won’t remain weak

© LScott 2013
(Author’s Note: Fiction)




Days roll by at a snail’s pace
Everywhere I turn I see your wonderful face
I’m sleeping with a dark cloud above my bed
I can’t seem to shake you out of my head
Maybe she’s better for you than me
but I can’t see it…we were meant to be

Each time we kissed,
the ground was a wave

beneath our feet
Didn’t you feel it, too?
My naiveté shines through

Inside my heart,
you won’t find resentment

Our moments we shared
bring me contentment

To win you back,
there’ll be no childish ploy

Into your future,
I only wish you joy

© LScott 2012



You don’t listen anymore
You don’t offer your heart
You don’t smile
when I walk through the door

We’re together, yet, so far apart

You don’t bring flowers
at the end of the day
You look right through me
when I have words to say

You don’t kiss me
hello or good-bye
My head is spinning with questions
I ask myself, “why?”

Where have you gone
What have I done
What happened to us
I ask you because
I still love you

© LScott 2012

Author’s note: Fiction