Days roll by at a snail’s pace
Everywhere I turn I see your wonderful face
I’m sleeping with a dark cloud above my bed
I can’t seem to shake you out of my head
Maybe she’s better for you than me
but I can’t see it…we were meant to be

Each time we kissed,
the ground was a wave

beneath our feet
Didn’t you feel it, too?
My naiveté shines through

Inside my heart,
you won’t find resentment

Our moments we shared
bring me contentment

To win you back,
there’ll be no childish ploy

Into your future,
I only wish you joy

© LScott 2012


29 thoughts on “Acceptance

      1. You’re in your fifties. You’re in the prime of your life. All those experiences from the past. All the possibilities for the future. You look fabulous.

      2. Yes, true to all and thank you, Virginia, for your awesome complement! I do feel good (most of the time) and really wouldn’t want to turn back time…thanks again, you’re a sweetheart! 🙂

  1. Felt a tear rolling down my face as I know you’re happily married then I saw the word “fiction” down to grab a smile..
    You’ve played the role right….may it be a play never showing through your true life

    1. Awww…Mira, thanks for your concern and emotions…if this ever were true (which it won’t be), I don’t think I could write so openly about it. But, I know it’s true to life for some and sometimes, my words stem from my past, before my wonderful hubby walked through the door! Hugs and Blessings to you!

  2. You did so well, that I got faint with concern and personal “relapse”, Then…I saw someone comment “Fiction”…Oh thank God….I know how much love is in your relationship. You are a good fiction writer! May this never, ever happen to you. Cherish Love, Linda

    1. Oh, Linda, you are too kind and compassionate of a soul! Many of my poems are derived from past relationships and some are simply fiction, however, true to life for others…your kind words made my day even better! xoxo

  3. Francina

    Sometimes it’s hard to so , sometimes it hurts real bad even though it’s the best way to let go. Francina xox

  4. How wonderful to express in this fine poetic way the truth that once love has been genuinely given to some, only good wishes can evermore flow from the heart for that person, no matter what other people they choose to be with.

  5. what a beauty,when you truly love yourself you find it in your heart to forgive…it is so important that one loves oneself before someone else so that they wont make crazy attempts to win back the past….beautiful poetry Lauren 🙂

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