Mt. Baldy

We were rising, riding to the top with
patches of green below. I could
have almost touched the sky. My skin
warmed with each look from the blue
in your eyes. You looked at me with
devotion, but you had something up
your sleeve. Our life’s path was about
to change; an anticipated detour for both
hearts. Nothing would ever be the same,
in a good way, like the fairytale that
replayed in my dreams. This place was
enchanting, so close to Heaven, where flowers
bloomed and time stood still and God gave
His blessing. The bubbly was on standby,
I didn’t know at the time…for this was where
you asked me to be your Wife, to share each
high, low, day and night and where you said
those three sweet words
to me for Life.


heart necklace

My heart beats with a joyful rhythm
thinking only of you in every spectrum

remembering my life before you sauntered in
is nothing but a speck of dust from back then

I wasn’t looking to fill a void of any kind
my world was content with no ties to bind

but now as my head lies on your shoulder
with you beside me, nothing could be better

and as your arm warms me in its caress
My heart whispers to you its thankfulness

  Lauren Scott © 2014

Photo: Google Images




Celebrating Silver! ♥ Woohoo!


As we both remember the day we said our vows
many emotions were felt but we never had any doubts
We’ve seen dreams come true and felt the magic they brought
We’ve shared tears and sorrows when life wasn’t so bright
A quarter of a century, though, is a milestone to cherish
hand in hand we’ve walked and built our world on trust
from big events to simple pleasures enjoyed in ordinary days
we’ve only just begun as we stroll into new decades ♥

And this is “Our Song”
I still get goosebumps watching this awesome dance scene.
God Rest Patrick Swayze’s soul…

25th wedding anniversary photo 2014

Happy 25th Anniversary to
My Husband,
My Best Friend,
My Partner in Life ♥
January 21, 1989

Lauren Scott © 2014 

The Box

box with red bow 

You placed it in my hands, adorned with a red bow
only a short clip of time had passed by our window

After pulling out tissue paper of white
I was entranced by the amazing sight

For inside was a lifetime together
and a house to be filled by the love we would gather

The walls stood bare waiting for memories to dress
showing reasons for us feeling truly blessed

The best gift of all, though, I am thrilled to say
was your heart at the bottom, committed to stay

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Google Images

Butterflies to Stay

It’s easy falling into lust
sharing moments of passion
Falling in love, though
involves the heart
and much more compassion

Striving for “forever”
isn’t always a stroll in the park
but it’s a package worth opening
to experience that spark

It’s feeling those
beautiful butterflies
dancing inside
and sharing your world
with nothing to hide

It’s knowing you are special
even with your flaws
An eternal heart
loves you just because

It’s all of these and so much more
It’s having someone to adore
through all the mess
and all the calm
to comfort through the storm

LScott © 2013


Desire for you
begins to grow
as the sun
begins its descent,
flaming the sky red
and burning parts
of it orange
I long for your warmth,
rising temperatures
disheveled satin

creating our
evening magic
You whisper
sweet touches

along my skin
and kiss me
so gently
reeling me in
I want your body
to be a part of mine
craving only
to please
and after,
you’ll kiss me again
with weak knees

Synchronized Dreams

Stinson Sunset Saturday night

As I lay my head down
I think of your skin
the way it feels
when our loving begins

I think of your shudder
when my journey’s in motion
your touch, so soothing

like the tune of the ocean

We ride the waves
though real it seems
we’ll await the moment
not just in our dreams

© LScott 2013

Photo: LScott,
Sunset in Stinson Beach, CA



I’m over you completely
Where once was a sweetness
that entranced your heart
now lies a bitter taste
keeping us apart

and no, I don’t crave
your feather kisses
your warm embraces
or your slow, soft touches
that bring delicious tingles

and you don’t hold my mind
captive each and every day
in every moment I’m awake
or star in my dreams
creating an emotional ache

Of course, I don’t need you,
like the air I breathe
in each day to survive

You can be sure
I’m doing just fine

© LScott 2013

Photo: Google Images