Forever Love – Acrostic

Faint is how you make me feel and not
Only when our lips connect, but when I
Remember our first embrace and how my
Emotions twirled inside of me; dizzy and
Voiceless I was and those moments still exist
Even though decades have come and gone
Reflections of those first days are magical
Learning the true meaning of bliss, an
Out of the ordinary feeling, knowing you are my
Valentine, lover and friend for the rest of our life and for

Lauren Scott © 2012

For those of you who have been following me
for awhile now, you know that I’m a romantic,
never hopeless, though. So because I’ve
been in a sentimental, sappy kind of mood,
I’m re-posting this from two years ago,

written for my hubby. If you’ve already seen this,
I appreciate you reading again! 🙂 ♥

45 thoughts on “Forever Love – Acrostic

  1. Gorgeous Lauren. Often acrostics can sound stilted just to accomodate the form, I feel, but this flows along beautifully; I actally forgot it was an acrostic while I was reading it! ❤️ Xxx

  2. That is fantastic Lauren. I love the way you have done it as a full poem rather than just words. It makes it a lot better I feel. Excellent and thank you for sharing it with us

    1. Thanks so much, Al, and I appreciate your insightful comment. I like acrostics better when they flow with more content. But I’m still new to them and I should try some more, along with more research on how to write them…Have a great day!

  3. Lauren its lovely to be a romantic.. And I just love your sappy moments 🙂 keep them coming and if I did read this I forgot it. And loved it a second time around.. 🙂 Good to be back here reading your wonderful poems Lauren.. Hugs Sue .

    1. I’m glad you enjoy my sappy moments, Sue, and there will be more! 😀 Thanks for your lovely words, too, and glad to have you back! Hugs and blessings, dear friend…♥

  4. Your words are breathtaking, my friend. You are a true romantic and I believe your husband keeps you that way.
    Sending you hugs a plenty xo

  5. Wonderful to sustain love with another for so long and through all time … sometimes it is through a physical life and closeness together – sometimes that is not possible, but love can endure all the same. XO ❤

    1. Don, what have I done to deserve these lovely comments you’re leaving? All I can say is “thank you!” I’m always behind in reading other blogs, but I will visit you later. I need to catch up with your poetry, as well…

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