Mt. Baldy

We were rising, riding to the top with
patches of green below. I could
have almost touched the sky. My skin
warmed with each look from the blue
in your eyes. You looked at me with
devotion, but you had something up
your sleeve. Our life’s path was about
to change; an anticipated detour for both
hearts. Nothing would ever be the same,
in a good way, like the fairytale that
replayed in my dreams. This place was
enchanting, so close to Heaven, where flowers
bloomed and time stood still and God gave
His blessing. The bubbly was on standby,
I didn’t know at the time…for this was where
you asked me to be your Wife, to share each
high, low, day and night and where you said
those three sweet words
to me for Life.

26 thoughts on “Mt. Baldy

  1. Sooo romantic! I love the rhymes at the end (wife and life) that fall from the natural rhythm of the piece. So many enchanting words… lovely, Lauren 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks, Angela…those rhymes just happen to “happen!” I didn’t really plan them, but it worked out! 🙂 I found a prompt online to write about a special place and this is what I came up with…glad you enjoyed! Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

    1. Thanks, Michael! It’s a beautiful mountain resort in southern Calif. but now Lake Tahoe is the best for gorgeous mountain resorts that I’ve seen so far. Mt Baldy will always hold special memories for my hubby and I, though, and this was written from a prompt I saw online…write about a place you love…”this is where…” So this poem was born and when you’re becoming engaged, any place is beautiful beyond words..:) Have a great Friday!

  2. New to your den my friend!! Just loved your poems and that brings me a lovely feeling! Ahh, mostly I am a tech guy.. but the other side of me is bit poetic. Just love reading them & and hopefully creating too.

    Good to meet you and your blog. Will sure come back and for more your lovely poems.

    Sorry forgot to mention, I just getting started on writing few things here on


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and visit! It’s good to meet you, too, and I will be over your way soon! Take care and I hope you continue to enjoy what you read over here. 🙂

  3. Mt Rainier is our version of Mt Baldy for romantic day hikes, and I can absolutely imagine this special visit of yours there as a result—love’s best surprise in a well-loved place: priceless. Sweet!!

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