Whenever you’re near
my heart goes aflutter
No matter my mood
you make me feel better
All flustered and such
I lose my control
from your slow, gentle touch
right down to my soul

I love when you love me
I love being your girl
You have a special way
that makes my mind swirl
Let’s take a ride to the sky
and see where we land
We’ll find magic anywhere
when we’re hand in hand


Lauren Scott © 2014
(A little “sappy” for your day
and hope it’s a good one!)
♥ 🙂 ♥

46 thoughts on “Aflutter

  1. You tug my heart strings with your tboughts,
    Oh that I could explain the well springs that are
    Draw. on a string wound around a pulley that
    Fills with with the essence of a life overflowing
    With the meaning of a life filled with the expectation
    Of fruits and pleasures untold,
    The nectar would I surely sip on
    To know that I surely live a full life!

  2. Amazing how you can write such profound poetry, I somehow search for words that would express a feeling so deep! What is it that turns the heartstrings so sharp the I am left floundering by the shore waiting for a dawn that would teach me that life is good!

    1. Thanks so much, Naima. Some of my romance poems aren’t so sappy, but once in awhile, it’s fun to add a touch of ‘fairy-tale.’ I’m glad you enjoyed this and I appreciate your kind words, too! Have a lovely day! ♥

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