This Haiku follows my post
from November 9th.

Yesterday was our first day of coming home to an empty house.
It was tough…
it’s amazing how the routines are sorely missed…
in the morning, coming home from work and bedtime.
How she greeted us with her smile,
how she loved having her face scratched
and her belly rubbed…sigh~
We know it will get easier with time,
but for now…

didn’t know the end

was just around the corner

missing her so much

LScott 2011

Saying Good-bye to our Beloved Dog Today

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

This won’t be one of my ordinary poems.

I’m simply sharing the sad news
that our Lucky Girl passed away today.
She was a black lab mix, 10 1/2 years old
and a true canine sweetheart.

She no longer desired her normal walks or hikes
with us, as her hind legs were getting weaker.
So, we continued to give her lovin’
and made sure she was comfortable.

Ironically, she was fine last night and this morning,
before we all left for work and school.
About two hours later, our neighbors
heard her crying and checked on her.
At that point, she was lying down, unable to move.

Our neighbor stayed with her until I got home, shortly after.
He had covered her with a blanket, kept her warm and
continued petting her, consoling her
until one of her family members came home.

When I saw her, I bent down,
kissed her on her nose
and petted her.  She lifted her head,
looked at me, then put her head down.
I took her to our vet, after calling them
ahead of time, letting them know…

She passed away on the ride to the vet.

I’ve cried all day off and on and I’m not done, yet.

I’m thankful for many things:
my neighbor who took care of her until I got home
the fact that she didn’t suffer long
and, that she was able to say good-bye to
at least one of us…

We adopted her and gave her a good, loving home
for 9 years…

In return, she gave us unconditional love…

We now have a void in our hearts
and will miss her tremendously..

We love you, Lucky Girl~

Here’s a photo of her smiling at us all~


I wrote this last night, after the humor of this situation kept nudging me…Our dog has been wearing a cone for almost 2 weeks.  It’s hilarious and annoying at the same time, so I thought I’d share a bit of silliness, in the midst of the seriousness of life.  Maybe you can relate?
I hope you enjoy!

She detested the white plastic contraption
She wondered what surrounded her neck
Pawing, Pawing, then deciding…what the heck!
She may look pretty cute in this new fashion

She found some difficulty with the regular task of
drinking water, eating food, and her sniffing routines
She was unaware she created hysterical scenes
for the bowls were invisible while she wore the “mask”

With it’s daunting width, she crashes, boom, bangs
into walls, doors and furniture, too
Until her leg heals, there’s nothing more we can do
She’s her own ensemble, as she walks, bumps and clangs

It’s a bit silly, but an aardvark she mirrors
The cone covers all it devours
She doesn’t fight anymore: she’s worn it for hours

We all love her still and so do her peers!  ♥