Let’s share the love…

Today is an exciting day for couples to celebrate their love for each other. I also show my love not only for my husband, but for my family and friends who hold a special place in my heart. You see, today isn’t joyful for everyone. Some people grieve the passing of their spouse or partner. Some hearts hurt from a breakup. Some people have chosen to be single, so today may not hold a huge significance for them. Some live on the streets. Some live with daunting diagnoses. So, let’s be mindful of the different scenarios that play out on this day. If today is a joyful day for your heart, I implore you to take a moment to think of those who struggle in some manner…

Give Love

Candy hearts that say Be Mine
Red roses bestowing forever
Fancy dinners for two in love

A special night to remember

But what about the lonely –
The broken hearts and souls?
What about the hopeless
Where life has taken its toll?

On this day where hearts abound
Give love where you find sorrow
Let compassion be your guide
to fashion a better tomorrow

And now for a mixture of love poems from the past

Forever Love (an Acrostic)

Faint is how you make me feel and not
Only when our lips connect, but when I
Remember our first embrace and how my
Emotions twirled inside of me; dizzy and
Voiceless I was and those moments still exist
Even though decades have come and gone
Reflections of those first days are magical
Learning the true meaning of bliss, an
Out of the ordinary feeling, knowing you are my
Valentine, lover and friend for the rest of our life and for


I stumble over
his broken pieces,
their jagged edges
reach for me.
I want to be
their healing glue.

His mind is weary,
I understand
the layers of his soul.
I want to be his shoulder.

His heart aches
trying to make sense
of it all…
but I won’t let him fall…
I am his remedy.

The World is Broken

The world is broken,
we are aware,

but being alive on this crisp autumn morning,
what a blessing
to behold

and he says,

“The good news
for today is
I love you,
Your heart,
Your mind,
Your soul.”

The world may be broken,

but I am not.

I hope today will be joyful for you from my heart to yours.
Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️❤️

© Lauren Scott, baydreamerwrites.com – All rights reserved.
Photos: 1st heart-Google, 2nd heart-Me

Quails & Motorcycles!

Last weekend, we attended The Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, CA. It was held at The Quail Lodge and Golf Club, literally on the golf course. Walking around all day on the lush green grass was as comfy as footsteps on carpet. One of my husband’s hobbies is motorcycles; he’s always been the owner of one, two, or a few, and always will be. This event was for motorcycle enthusiasts to “show” their bikes as judges wearing fancy fedoras, carrying clipboards and pens, strolled around doing what they do best…judge! This event was also for motorcycle enthusiasts to attend and admire the cool bikes. But some incredible cars snuck into the show, too, not to mention, a few adorable canines.

The 250 entries spanned from the early 1900’s to current times. It was fun to see the evolution of the motorcycle design through the decades. Beverages, food, and merchandise waited at our fingertips, so once we warmed up, we indulged in a Bloody Mary and Margarita, and later for lunch, delicious tacos. Since I forgot to pack a hat, I bought a Quail Moto ball cap at the event which saved me. Country tunes and rock ‘n’ roll entertained the crowd of around 3200 people, all ages from infants to seniors. The weather was beautiful, sunny, in the mid sixties, but don’t let that moderate temperature fool you; the sun blazed at times and we were grateful for the invention of hats! So, whether you love to ride, feeling the wind in your face, or not, I hope you enjoy the photos and can appreciate the unique styles:

The photos above are of my husband on his Suzuki V-Strom in Death Valley, CA, and the two of us about to venture onto the local country roads on his Kawasaki KLR.

I hope you enjoyed the show & have a great day!