The Sweetness in Life

If we listed in longhand the number of sweet things in life, our lists would be never-ending. We’d write constantly, the pen would never get a rest, the amount of paper we’d need would be extensive, and our hand would begin to scream from exhaustion. Well, I haven’t been writing forever, and you know I’m typing this post, but here are a few sweet things that come to mind, and I hope we never take our lists for granted…
Swimming in a sparkling lake that soothes the body from scorching heat and sweat of the day, reading a book you can’t put down – a real page-turner that interrupts chores, walking beneath a cerulean sky, hiking on a mountain top hearing birds practicing their choral selection sitting high in the tall trees and those sky-scraping trees shading your path, listening to the joyful giggles of children, observing in awe a star-filled night, touching soft, tiny feet of a baby who smiles back at you, witnessing your children’s triumphs, knowing someone gets you, that first fall into love, whispers of a warm, summer breeze, viewing graceful butterflies in flight, new vivid blooms in springtime, unexpected acts of kindness, answered prayers, writing down those thoughts, a hummingbird flitting about, melodies that comfort the heart and mind, and melodies that get you on your feet and make you wanna dance, a creamy chocolate indulgence, and a tender, slow kiss on the lips…truly the icing on the cake.

Lauren Scott (c) ❤️
My son made this carrot cake, my favorite dessert of all,
and believe me, it was divine!
Carrot cake is also the topic of a fun
and sentimental story
in my book, More than Coffee.

38 thoughts on “The Sweetness in Life

  1. Oh so many delicious things you have listed especially the joyful giggles of children.. Now Carrot cake is one of my favourites too… Any left over?? LOL

    Much love Lauren… you have a talented Son.. 🙂

    1. There’s nothing like those joyful giggles of children, I agree, Sue. And I’m afraid the cake is all gone, but I’d share if I could. 🙂 It really was delicious. My son did a great job, and thanks for your kind words about him, too. Much love back atcha and many hugs! 💕

    1. Thanks so much for your positive and wonderful words, Kamal. I appreciate them very much, and I wish I could share the cake, but it is all gone. 🙂 💗💗🥰

    1. And what a gift to have a never ending list, right? Thanks for your lovely words, Diana, and I agree about the cake’s worthiness for a whole page. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs 🤗

    1. This was his first attempt, so he did well, and the cake didn’t last long. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Darlene, and by the way, thank you for including me in your review for the anthology. I appreciate it. 💞

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