All Good Things

In these unsettling times, it’s important to find joy in each day,
even if digging a little deeper is necessary
. Anxiety, fear, and sadness
have certainly been fueled this year, which is reason enough to find things in life that make us happy. Throw in a dash of fun and a sprinkle of silly – bring on the smiles and laughter! It’s important for our mental and physical well being to find a balance so that all of our energy and focus isn’t directed only to the negative. I’m sure you’ve heard of a gratitude journal, so let’s count this post as one of my long journal entries, but first the visuals:

I’m grateful for another drive through the majestic redwoods and then onto Bolinas Ridge where the view of Stinson Beach was stunning – no fog or wind, just a glorious June day. I find joy in receiving fun gifts like the musical note earrings my daughter gave me because of our shared passion for music, and then the socks from her that tell me “I’m gorgeous, don’t change.” Wearing this kind of encouragement throughout the day is definitely a mood-booster.

I’m thankful for how I followed in Mom’s footsteps as my family indulges in sweet decadence once in a while, as well as baking for gifts. The plate of cookies are oatmeal chocolate chip, so don’t be shy! The cake was for a birthday: lemon with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting (all homemade). I also look forward to our relaxing patio time where we can talk about the day, make plans for tomorrow, and clink our glasses to celebrate being healthy and employed in these Covid times.

And then there are books! Can’t live without the exciting and adventurous worlds they draw me into. My son gave me “Little Fires Everywhere” not knowing anything about it. It turned out to be an engrossing and riveting read, and the mini series starring Reese Weatherperson and Kerry Washington was just as captivating. I found “Nineteen Minutes” listed on one of Stephen King’s book recommendations and am half-way through it. Can’t put it down either, but I must so that I can write this post! I highly recommend both books.

You see Copper lying on the bed…he was also enjoying “Little Fires Everywhere.” He is diligent in practicing how to relax and has become very good at it. πŸ™‚ The love and joy this big puppy gives us is priceless. Oh, and look at Mini! As a child, I lived in Anaheim with Disneyland in my backyard. So, Mickey and Mini will always have a special place in my heart.

Nature provides serenity. It calms and emboldens us to look deeply within ourselves. It is a teacher of simplistic living, especially while backpacking. The sunset was taken at one of our favorite campgrounds, Look Lake – a gorgeous body of water in the Sierra without the crowds. The other photo is of Spider Lake that is a higher elevation, and I’m happy to report not one spider was found! Both destinations were perfect to take in the beauty around us, to spend time together, and to simply be. No technology, just a tent, a couple of chairs, and a picnic table. This is what we love to do, and we hope to venture onto the trails as long as our bodies will allow.

I hope you enjoyed these samples of some things in life that bring me joy – the list is never-ending. What do you lean towards in these times of uncertainty? What brings you calm? What turns your frown upside down? What makes you chuckle? Do you find that some of these photos bring you joy, too?

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and much joy in your days ahead,

54 thoughts on “All Good Things

  1. Lauren, so beautiful and enticing. You have so many things to keep you chuckling, smiling and laughing. Driving through the Redwood wood….
    Getting so many wonderful presents. I also love to see the thoughts behind what is gifted. That they know you. The photos are great and let me share
    In your joy. Those socks and …… might actually also pick up both books. πŸ€—.


    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Miriam. I thought it’d be kind of fun to compile some joy and share with the world. I’m glad you enjoyed and I hope you like the books, too, if you decide to get them. Their content, though, isn’t all joyful, just a warning, but the stories are compelling. Have a good weekend. πŸ₯°

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed, John, and we sure lucked out on that day with the gorgeous weather. I’m sure Stinson is one place you’ll never forget. πŸ™‚ I probably have hundreds of photos, too, but each visit creates a new memory, reason for another Stinson photo. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  2. It’s nice to find joy in little moments of delight that just fleet by but you have captured them so well Lauren. The first image is so soothing that I could spend a whole day, just sitting there. Thank you for lovely reminders. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks for your lovely words, Balroop, and being among the redwoods is so magical, isn’t it? I’m happy you gathered these reminders to take with you when you left. πŸ™‚ And wishing you a wonderful weekend, too.

    1. Hi Janis, yes, there is so much to be grateful for, but I couldn’t fit everything on one post. πŸ™‚ That’s great you enjoyed Little Fires. That is the author’s second book, so I recently bought her first but haven’t started it yet. Nineteen Minutes is realistically tragic, but also very interesting. I’m new to the author, but recently finished Small Great Things which was also excellent and relevant to current events. I know I’ll read more of her now. Happy reading in your retirement!

  3. Oh those redwoods. I remember my first visit in 1980. We just stood and drew the beauty of that place into permanent memory. So sad that much of the original growth was destroyed in pioneer days but what remains is a national treasure to be guarded.

    1. They’re amazing, aren’t they, Ian? And I agree, “what remains is a national treasure to be guarded.” When you stand among them, it’s like being in a new magical land. Have a good Monday.

  4. What a lovely post with beautiful words and photos, Lauren. Nature is definitely a gratitude-inducer for me, too. And thanks for the reminder about the value of a gratitude journal. I’m going to start one. It seems like a good practice these days. Be well and have a wonderful day. ❀

  5. Lauren, this is a beautiful post. I’m so glad you are finding things to help you relax and stay focused on the best things in life. Your goodies look delicious! Sometimes the silliest of gifts are the ones that give us the most joy. Take care, dear friend. πŸ’•πŸ’•

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Michelle. I have a hunch you’re doing the same, finding joy in each day. I wish I could share the goodies with you! And you’re right about the silliest gifts bringing the most joy. Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friend. Hugs! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  6. Lauren, Finding joy in each day is a wonderful philosophy always and especially during these uncertain times. Your visuals immediately put me in a happy place. The socks would make a wonderful gift. Do you recall where you bought them? Or were they a gift? The scenic photos are stunning! As I read further, I see how you received the socks from your daughter. The books are now on my to be read list.

    Fun and creative how you changed the colour throughout the post. You have inspired me to compile some thoughts and photos about what brings me joy. Every day I am thankful for a great deal. One of the things I am grateful for is your beautiful post!❀️

    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Erica, and I’m happy to have inspired you to compile some of your own joy. This was actually fun to do, so enjoy! Yes, the socks came from my daughter, so I treasure them. πŸ™‚ My son has also given me some fun socks. The smiles are on auto-pilot once I pull them on. Anyway, thanks again and wishing you a joyful day. πŸ’—

  7. Thanks for sharing your gratitude list, Lauren! I find when I focus on what I have, it lifts my mood. I especially connected with your nature photos, as I find nature to be healing for my soul. Meaningful, small gifts from loved ones are truly priceless. Many Blessings and deep thanks for our connection, Lisa

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Lisa, and I’m glad you enjoyed these things that I’m grateful for. Nature seems to be the big winner. πŸ™‚ But like you mentioned, the small, meaningful gifts are just as special. I appreciate our connection, too, and wish you a fabulous weekend. πŸ’—πŸŒΌ

    1. I could hear the whisper of your sigh, Sue. πŸ™‚ Thank you! This was fun to compile and I hoped it would bring smiles to others. And I hoped it would spark thoughts of the little things that bring joy. Hope, Perseverance, and Joy are what we have to hold onto until things calm down, and hopefully, change for the better. Sending much love. xo

      1. It may take a while for us to evolve through this shift dear Lauren, and at times this time of crisis may seem challenging.. because we are in it experiencing it.. But in Years to come, people will speak of these times as we move into our new time line.. Which is why our vision of New Earth and keeping our positive outlook and focus is so important for what we Think, is what we create..
        Sending Love my friend, as we embrace ‘ALL Good Things’ ❀ ❀ ❀

  8. Oh, how beautiful, Lauren and so many reasons to be grateful for… they fill us with strength to carry on! Needless to say how your sweet Copper is a winner! πŸ˜‰ many hugs and thank you for this joyful note! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Marina. Now and then, we need to pause and think of these little things that bring joy and cut through all the strife and worry. And Copper appreciates your kind words, too. He’s such a sweetie, but he’ll be 10 in Sept. and is showing his age. 😦 Anyway, glad you enjoyed this and have a wonderful day! xoxoxo

      1. Haha! He has energy in the morning, excited for his walk, but then halfway through he begins to lag and has been doing this for a while now. 10 or 11 years is usual for labs, so it’s sad to think about. But for now, we think GOOD THINGS and enjoy his big, cuddly self as much as we can. Hugs, my friend! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, Beth! I’ve had some WP glitches and realized that I lost your blog that I love also! And I always appreciated your visits, too. So, hopefully technology will comply. πŸ™‚ πŸ₯°

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