Some wounds lie beneath
the surface, gasping for air,
but finding no respite. Each
touch invites salt-inflicted
agony. If they can’t be seen,
it doesn’t mean stories lack
sad beginnings, middles,
or endings. Life isn’t always
Hallmark. The whole truth
isn’t visible to the naked
eye. Hard times come in
different shapes and sizes;
they have no boundaries.
And reactions that follow
come in various colors.

What color are you?

Lauren Scott © 2018

39 thoughts on “Colors

  1. I am familiar with the unseen wounds Lauren, they have endowed me with greater strength and the determination to find my own happiness, as all hard times do pass. Sun shines brighter when it shines through the clouds.
    Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I think most of us are familiar with unseen wounds, Balroop, and it’s our reactions to them that will determine the rest…I’m sorry to hear you’ve dealt with them, but so happy to hear you’ve come out stronger with even more perseverance. I do see you as a very strong individual. Thanks for your kind words, my friend, and take care. xo


        There was once a man who had a remarkable pair of spectacles, rather like Reactolite Rapides except that, like a mood ring, they changed their colour according to his feelings of the moment. When sad, all the world would appear in the colours of sadness; when fearful, in the colours of fear; when angry, in the colours of anger; when contented, in the colours of joy.

        He could make no sense of these varied colourings which would not stay still. He had no success in trying to understand why the world kept changing in this way. He suspected that his spectacles might be the cause of the mystery, but every time he took them off to look at them they were, of course, completely clear.

      2. Thanks for sharing, Ben. This definitely ties into my poem. I think no matter how hard we try, the colors will always change. So it’s up to us – in a sense, a choice – to change from sad or angry to calm, happy, or contented. 🙂

  2. Lauren, it’s so true, we don’t always know what others are going through. We shouldn’t make quick judgments when we don’t know their stories. Some learn to hide their difficulties, but they still need compassion. This really says it well! (I would choose to be a healing shade of blue.)
    Hope things are going all right with you, and that you have a good week coming up. Time keeps escaping me, but I’m thinking of you.
    💗💕 Hugs💕💗

    1. Well said, Betty, and exactly what I’m conveying in this poem, too. I have reacted in several colors at different times…red (anger), gray (sad), and blue (healing, calming). I emailed you last night, too, just fyi. 😉 Thinking of you, also, my friend, and wrapping you in healing hugs. 💗💗

    1. Thanks so much, Jill. I understand how colors can change, too. 🙂 I’ve reacted in red, blue, and gray – all depending on everything involved. I confess to red, but sometimes anger inches in. Then soon after, blue takes over, which is a good thing (calming). Sending hugs, my friend. xo

  3. “Life isn’t always Hallmark.” But we are such believers, Lauren! All those cards coming to us for so many years convinced us, I guess, that life should be beautiful and sunny, always—but isn’t! So today, at least, I guess, I’m blue!

    1. I am definitely a believer, but also a realist. 🙂 Several colors have shown my reactions to hard times…red, gray, and blue stand out the most. Blue is calming to me, unlike the old adage of feeling blue or sad. Thanks so much for stopping by and chiming in. I’m behind on reading blogs, but will visit you soon. ❤

    1. Thanks so much, Eric! What’s funny is I remember replying to you on this already. Hope I’m not losing my mind, but I just noticed that I hadn’t. Unless my comment is floating around somewhere in WP. 🙂 Anyway, thanks again and hope all is well with you. Love and hugs from CA. 🙂

  4. Beautiful, deep and touching – your poems always have this effect on me, Lauren! 😊 As an artist I have to say that I love all colours but shades of green and blue always were my favourites. Thinking of you and sending huge hugs! 💙💚😄

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