Every Little Inch

We’ve had a stormy rapport
though no fault of your own
All blame can’t be cast on you
so please ignore my groans
for the magnified flaws I see,
masking the good qualities

For instance, your pear shape
provided ease for the birth
of two little human beings,
lifting me higher than imagined
I should complain less and
display more compassion

Your legs carry me quite nicely
on my morning walks and
hikes into the wilderness,
nothing to take for granted
yet reason to feel blessed

Although the few pounds
you insist on carrying
remain a thorn in my side,
your otherwise healthy tone
is clearly implied

Then it’s time to transform –
a much-needed alteration
From this day forward
I’ll offer nothing less
than pure adoration

Lauren Scott © 2018

39 thoughts on “Every Little Inch

    1. Thanks, Jill! Don’t many women complain about their bodies? I was inspired to think of the good things and pay homage. Many also don’t have the privilege to take a walk or hike. Have a beautiful day! 💕🌼

    1. Thanks, Balroop. I don’t remember what sparked my inspiration, but I do know that many people have body image issues, especially women. So, I jotted down notes about an ode to the body and here is the final outcome. Also, many people don’t have the choice to take a walk, so we shouldn’t take these simple things for granted. My thoughts. 🙂 Have a good day!

    1. Thanks so much, Betty! I became inspired to honor the body, something that we so often complain about and frown at. 🙂 Yes, the body beautiful…that does so many simple wonderful things not to be taken for granted. The week’s been good so far. Hope yours has, too! Hugs! xoxo

      1. You’re right, I don’t think most of us appreciate our own bodies and all that they do – all parts working in coordination to keep us as well as possible. Quite wondrous, actually!
        Hugs back! ❤️😊

  1. Women need more self peace about their bodies, we see so many perfect shapes and bodies with ironed out flaws, our newspapers headline ‘bombshells, peachy posteriors, flat tummies, toned frames’.

    I loved this poem.

  2. Ohhh, YES. May we learn to be less critical of our bodies, and more grateful for all they do for us. Here’s to adoring and appreciating each freckle, each flaw, each wrinkle that make us more …. user friendly and naturally perfect. xo

  3. Do I pick on that typo or focus on the beauty of your story? Do I enjoy the vista or complain about the occasional thorn that pulls on my clothes. Is it you, or is it me.

    HE gave me the answer and I am grateful.

    Love your poem, Lauren 🙂


    1. Thanks, Ian, and the beauty of poetry is the possibility of different interpretations. My thoughts were solely on the body and what it does for us, and yet, we complain about its flaws. But I do appreciate your thoughts, and actually, there are loving maternal memories when I mention the birth of two little human beings…nothing could’ve given me more of a high than those experiences. No meds, all natural, I had to add. 🙂 So, thanks again, and wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  4. Wonderful poem, Lauren, I love that you emphasize the good things our bodies do for us and that we often take for granted, like the walking part. Last winter I had huge trouble walking because of so called achillodynia, an inflammation of the Achilles tendons and surrounding tissue. It lasted over six month. Never before did I value every step I could take so much!
    Hope you’re well and enjoy the last weeks of summer! Hugs! 😄💗💗💗

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah, and I felt your pain when I read what you endured last winter. It’s the old saying that we never know what it feels like until we’ve walked in those shoes. You’ve experienced this hands on, not being able to walk. So I’m sure you appreciate each step even more than those of us who haven’t. And six months is a long time…I’m so glad you’re all better though and can get around taking those amazing b & w photos! As to summer, it seems like the last four weeks have been hot nonstop, so right now, I’m ready for snow. 🙂 Today is warm, but nice, not scorching – so thankful. Hot flashes don’t help either, but I’m not complaining. It is what it is. lol Big hugs! xoxo

      1. Hope the weather is better by now, Lauren. We’ve had a 5 week heatwave which was just unbearable
        Now it has finally cooled down which is very nice. Still not much rain though but you can’t have everything I guess.😉 Big hugs! xoxo 😄💕

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