26 thoughts on “Bluffing

    1. Did you get snow? Our storm has actually been milder than was expected. The rain’s been nice with occasional breaks, which then prevent floods. Have a good weekend, Binky!

    1. Thanks, Indira, and it sounds like you have great weather most of the time. I love the warm weather, but once it reaches 90 degrees, I melt. 🙂 Our storm has actually been mild, so all is good. 💗

    1. It sure was and it was nice. But the storm has been more mellow than expected. We need the rain badly, but it’s come with breaks, so no floods. Several years ago, Eric, our downtown was so flooded that people were on jet-skis “riding” down the streets. It was an insane visual, but it also looked fun. We all felt bad for the business owners, though, what a mess. Hopefully, that winter won’t be repeated. Enjoy your weekend!

  1. Yes my daughter sent photos from Auburn where there was snow for the first time in her memory. The world weather is totally screwed up. They had quite a dusting in Vancouver WA where some of my friends live too.

    1. I’m sure that was exciting for her since it’s never snowed before. I wish we would get even a light dusting here. You’re right, the world weather is screwed up. Our storm has actually been calmer than “they” projected with much needed rain, but breaks every now and then. So no floods! Have a good weekend, Ian!

  2. Lauren, a couple of days of warmth and sunshine banished by the fierce winter storms! The country seems to be huddled inside for heat and safety … may Spring come soon!! Warm hugs xxxxx

    1. You’re right, Annika, those warm days were so nice. But in winter’s defense, we need the rain! So, it’s here at last, but its tone is more calm than we expected. No falling trees or flooded streets, which is great. Looking forward to spring, though, and all its vibrant colors, hope, and optimism. Much love to you, my friend xoxo
      p.s. so happy you liked my review.

    1. No flooding, Betty, yay! I told Eric that several years ago, our downtown was flooded with 8 feet of water, so high that people were riding their jet-skies down the streets. It was a crazy sight, yet, looked fun, too. Although, everyone felt so bad for the business owners and the mess they had to deal with. I also remember last January, our across-the-street neighbor’s tree fell while we were outside. So we were running for our lives to the front door, like in a movie. lol No injuries or damage, but a little scary. Anyway, this storm’s tone was more mellow than “they” conveyed, so all is good. We got the rain we needed, but with necessary breaks so not to flood. Have a wonderful weekend! So glad it’s Friday! ❤🎉🌼😀

      1. So glad you didn’t get flooded. Have never been in a flood myself (knock on wood – we now live near two rivers but are supposedly above the flood level).
        You have a great weekend too!

    1. You’re right, Michelle, and a teeter-totter is a perfect description! I’ve seen people all bundled up in warm jackets and pants, but wearing flip flops. 🙂 I’m not ready for shorts, too cold still for me, and it’s milder here than other parts of the country. Hope you’re staying warm, my dear friend. xo

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