Nurturing Thursday- Be A Good Listener (Friday Inspiration)

My friend, Indira, used my phrase from a prior comment in her “nurturing” post. And the photo she used is not only perfect, but adorable. Hope you enjoy, have a wonderful Friday and weekend, and please visit Indira’s lovely blog, too. ❤

Sharing Thoughts

Sometimes being “right” isn’t the best outcome, but being a “listener” and working together is more important and peaceful.~ Baydreamer

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22 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday- Be A Good Listener (Friday Inspiration)

  1. Thanks, dear. Just encourage me with your beautiful, kind comments and I’ll use them on my blog. Of course with your permission. Have a nice weekend. Love and hugs.

  2. It’s certainly good to listen. It’s also often good to keep our lips sealed and keep what someone has entrusted to us secret. There is so much thoughtless gossip out there. 😦

    1. I’m glad you liked this, Betty. It was nice of Indira to share my comment. Wouldn’t it be great if more people listened and worked together so that our country (and world) would become places of peace? Wishful thinking, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to wish. 😉 Thanks again, and Happy Weekend ahead! 💗🎉🌼🌻😍

      1. We need to be wishful thinkers – that’s the first step in making positive changes. I can imagine a world of peace and kindness, if only for the reason that it’d be hard to live in a world without that possibility. 💕💞

    1. Thanks so much, Annika. It was nice of Indira and a surprise with such a delightful image! And the context that my words can be used for are this country and the whole world. Don’t we need more listeners and civil interactions leading into working together to create solutions for peace? There’s always hope, I suppose. 💕🌼🌻😊

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